Is anyone else getting BS like this?  

rm_the_maud_dib 36M
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6/26/2006 7:11 pm

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7/7/2006 9:00 am

Is anyone else getting BS like this?

Ok so here's the deal. I've been on this site for almost two weeks. I decided up front that I could have more fun if I purchased a silver membership rather than waiting to be found. So being all proactive I did just that, which allowed me to see anyone elses profile.

So far so good. Now here comes the part I didn't expect. Most of the women that have responded to emails I've sent them don't actually exist. What do I mean by that? Well it is simple, they are trying to solicit people from AdultFriendFinder to buy membership on some other Adult web site. I've discovered what I consider warning factors and I hope they help other's figure out who's real and who's fake/made up. Now ladies, since I'm a straight guy, I'm talking about "female" profiles I've gotten replys from. For all I know they could be fat balding men in their 30's who make a buck by getting people to join some other site.
With out further adue, here's what to watch out for.

1. The girl is a standard member. -If someone is trying to get you to pay for another site then why pay to join this one?

2. There is 1 picture in the profile and the girl is very sexy. This will be a young female, in her 20's. Now it could either appear pretty professional, or not, but it will show her face. Why? because the person behind the profile isn't who's in the picture and what do they care if they use a picture of someone else?

3. No friends in the network. The purpose of the profile is to recuit you to another web site, not make friends. (I should talke but it's not for a lack of trying)

4. The picture doesn't match details in the profile. If the picture is a caucasion woman but the race says asian, somethings up, and it's not just your dick

5. You have a 100% match on your preferences. Now I've met some really hot women who don't care about dating overweight men, but not many. Hot 23 year old girls should, not and as a general rule do not, have preferences so wide as to encompase the spectrum of all men, they are just more selective than that.

6. Their bio says they are craving sex, are new to the area, or can't find a guy. All total BS designed to get you to send them a message so they can solicit you to join some other site.

7. When you send them an email, they reply with a with a vauge, canned reply that asks you to email them at an address outsdie of AdultFriendFinder becasue they are either a) thinking about leaveing the site, (even if they just made a profile) b) are having problems accessing AdultFriendFinder, or c) don't check it often. These are, of course, all total BS. Even standard members get messages sent to their outside email from AdultFriendFinder notifying them of messages. So if they check their regular email, they'll know you're sending something anyway.

8. The final dead giveaway, is once you've decided to try emailing them directly, the woman in question will send you a message that mentions a website they've posted more pictures, personal contact info, ect. And that they've done this because it is discreate (more than here???), no kids can get on it (yeah sure like kids aren't smart enough to get their parent's personal info) and finally because they 'know their replys are real.' Again total BS. I know there are real people on this site because I've gotten some real responces.

So anyway I hope these indicater can help you save you the trouble of dealing with profiles designed to troll for other sites. Good luck finding others to have good times with.

rm_DaphneR 58F
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6/26/2006 8:07 pm

When you get these types of emails make sure and pass along the member ID. Soliciting you to another website is against the terms of use of this site and you'd be helping weed out the fakes.

BTW, real here and have 0 friends in my network because I deleted them all because they were people I didn't know and never heard from. The whole friends network isn't a feature of this site that I choose to use. Quite a few of the bot bloggers have tons of friends in their networks and only allow them to comment. Keeps the real bloggers from leaving a comment outing them as fakes.

Have tongue, will use it. Repeatedly.

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