Older never means better  

rm_thatockidd 33M
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7/10/2005 2:39 pm

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6/13/2006 8:55 am

Older never means better

These words are an understatement...and any young guy that comes or subscribes to this site can relate...It has nothing to do with game, or the way a Lady is Approached....it simply has to do with a guys age...Most women On this site and in general tend to think that Older men mean More maturity. so whats A guy who's 18-23 Do..If he tryes to date a young lady who's 16 or 17 He's thrown in jail...literally, and almost every other woman from 18 and up requires someone MUCH older than he is. In one sentence....older men DOES NOT MEAN that they're more mature....In fact Older men take advantage of Women because Women tend to place thier faith in this Older man and he abuses it...because he can. I see alot of GROWN MEN here that have viagra hooked up through an IVY mark...and Ladies are beating themselves to talk to them..but yet someone like me is told "I have children near your age" and to that i say..."so the fuck what...that don't mean shit..."there I feel better now.
I seriously believe that the Agents of the Media And Popular Culture have warped the minds of the Ladies of the world in to thinking that "old wine is fine wine" when in fact the best wine is the wine "freshly squeezed." Ladies here are BIG on talking to someone before they meet a person or do anything with them...So why are you refusing to talk to youger guys because you "think" you wouldnt get what your looking for....thats what talking is about...to see that your investment will be well spent(See ladies you've contradicted yourself already).

rm_milea24 37F
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7/19/2005 5:08 pm

For me....the reason I want an older man is because more of them have more experience and want to please thier partner, not only themselves. Alot of them are understanding of women and do not expect perfection.

The media doesn't warp women's minds, we rely on experience to guide us through life. I have have had some bad times with older men, but the bad times I've had with younger guys greatly outnumbers the ones with older men. Thats why I don't go for younger guys, I don't want another bad time and my experience tells me not to try with young guys.

Now, I didn't say ALL young guys are bad and ALL older men are good. That aint true, I'm sure there are some really great good young guys out there, I'll just have to miss out on em.

rm_thatockidd 33M

7/20/2005 8:12 am

you already did

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