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10/19/2005 12:07 am

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oh glory mach 2! "enjoy the word" girl *viewed* me. i haven't bitten my nails for a good year or so now, but if ever there was a moment to start again, *this* would be it. you see, this is why i could never work in a brothel (unless it was one of those Victorian era ones with all the fabulous corsets, then maybe i'd think about it)...the lining up to be *selected*. like the bangkok bars where the girls have *numbers*. i fell in love with a thai prostitute in bangkok once....

anyway, where was i? oh yeah, the appealing writer...

anyway, i almost hope she doesn't reply...i kinda like having my little infatuations for a day or two...a short attention span can be a virtue not knowing something is more exhilarating than knowing something sometimes. of course, the finding out of *stuff* is the insatiable desire that drove me into physics too. a paradox? maybe. or maybe they're satisfying in their own ways. one is the unopened present under the c(onsumer)istmas tree, the other is getting that cow-prod that you requested from santa these past three years (don't think S&M here...think more...mmmm....social justice ok?)

so, reply or no, i'm happy

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