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10/24/2005 3:45 am

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this is eddie. he was *the* cutest cat in the world. he died while i was away recently. i don't know exactly when, i found out the first night i was back. it made me very sad. i was surprised at how sad i was. eddie wasn't my cat. he *was* a cutie though.

i just discovered that somebody i mentioned read this...or some of it. it's definitely a strange feeling. i guess i knew there was some small chance, but in all honesty i didn't think anyone would bother.

i guess two friends of mine have blogs and i've read them from time to time when i'm bored at work. now that i think about it, it felt strange and voyeristic at first. it just feels normal now. however, i do communicate with them a lot so it's not like they're just some *stranger* writing *personal* shit. actually, i guess one is but she lives just up the street so i have some context to read her, sometimes, revealing statements.

anyway, i had a *dancing* lesson tonight. it was fun. and when i got home, much to my joy i realised that the tiles in my house are really perfectly spaced to draw a square and a circle and practice the *waltz*. so this is what i will do. it'll be good practice for dancing in my high-heeled shoes (i swore a while back i'd never buy those puppies again...boy am i eating my words now...) too because nothing is more slippery than tiles.

i wonder, at this point, if this thing does searches in the body of blog entries for words? i have no idea, of course, being the internet spaz that i am. if so, i think 'slippery' will pick up a few punters who will be sorely disappointed.

i also realised earlier, that every 'hot chick' on here could be a sixteen year old boy. well, no....i guess i amend that to every 'hot chick' with no photo. but the rest of them could be any man who happens to have a picture of a scantily clad woman lying around. it makes me wonder what proportion of 'women' on here are women in the general sense of the word?

a question best contemplated over southpark, i think....

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