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10/21/2005 5:09 am

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boring word you would not search for

enjoy the word joined...
funny, is it the usual, run-of-the-mill, perve with a photo of an exquisite, inky maiden on file?
i suppose these things are hard to tell...but it will make for a good tale years from now either way.

it's addition, *plus* change of intro-whatever-the-fuck-it-is text...and maybe some 'what i want' change too. personally, i like the reference to smoking after sex. i guess i feel the duty to remain one of the last fierce adherents of smoking. sure, i want to quit from time to time (and yeah, it can kill you...we fucking KNOW this never-smokers. why do people say it like it's going to be NEWS to you??? do they actually expect that you're going to look at that fucker with astonished disdain and say "really? well i am DONE with that shit...for EVER!!" but i digress. and apologies to you lovely non-smokers...we know you're right too. but i digress....*horribly*)....but inbetween times, i know james dean wasn't cool because he knew *not* to smoke.....i know that leonard cohen wasn't cool because he sat behind a desk with a *no smoking* sign prominently displayed on the wall....i know that queen margharita (someone can correct me here...oh please do! like it *matters*) is only even vaguely interesting as a monarch because SHE'S THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SMOKE IN THE NEW COPENHAGEN OPERA HOUSE.

but enough of my smoking-zealot raving
i've just realised that i can vent ALL my shit here. i mean, who's going to read it? get bored half way, or read it deliberately and then you've only got yourself to blame really, haven't you?? *tut tut*. i wonder if i'll hit some kind of word limit? a hundred words a minute typing kinda fucks you over in terms of word-limit-per-unit-hour goes.

so, for those still with me.....woah!! you must really have *fuck* ALL else to do...good for you!! or maybe you're just speed which case, also good for you!

i wonder if i would be dominating enough? i really can't say....but when i think about being with a girl, i don't think about lying back and enjoying the ride. or do it? hang on, maybe i do sometimes too.....hahaha. no. definitely for some good long while, musings have been of a mostly anti-passive nature. i have things to do...i just need to find someone who likes me doing them...

i'm too persistent, too impulsive, too warned.

hey, that reminds me....this 'choose a mood' thing shits me up the *wall*!!! why can't you add your own??? i mean, what if you're feeling gregarious? apprehensive? wistful? laconic? well, it shits me anyway. my mood now is....ambivalent.

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