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10/18/2005 5:21 am

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i'm a bit worried that i wrote a little TOO much in my doesn't seem the norm. although i DID read one chick who had written almost as much as me, so that was reassuring (in the way that seeing someone who's like you gives your ego that sense of approval haha). or maybe i like to read more than the average?

best thing i've read today?
"i enjoy the word grind"

this sentence floats my boat somehow...the author of this is the person i'd most like to correspond with i think. interestingly, no photo. but this one line is somehow more attractive than the playboy-esque photos of others.

not that there haven't been plenty of great specimens of those in tonight's surfings...i'm actually shocked that there would be SO many ultra-hot chicks in this li'l ol' town who, not so much *want* to fuck a chick, but that are willing to go the extra yard and sign on to here. it makes me suspicious that some are ex-boyfriend-payback. actually, a couple that i've seen/read seem extremely sus....

anyway, i don't think you'd say you enjoy the word grind if you were a complete tool trying to get back at your hot (and obviously too trusting) ex.

i also really liked that she wrote she likes fucking to hardcore. i'm not actually sure what hardcore is...'s just dawned on me! stoopid. for some reason (probably because i love fucking to music) i was thinking of the music genre...rather than the film. hahaha. i probably won't get a response now (she'll think i'm retarded, naturally) but this cracks me up so much i actually don't give a fuck! it will really make a *great* story to tell someone some day...

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