9 things i love about the danish  

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11/10/2005 1:57 am

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9 things i love about the danish

the danes are *great* (which reminds me...i never did get a straight answer when asking one if great danes are *actually* from denmark? evidently danish pastries are *not*...what a shame)


1. they speak better english than most english people.

2. their queen smokes. although she loses points for the fact that *she* is the only person who's allowed to smoke in copenhagen's new opera house. if she was any kind of decent smoking queen she would decree that ALL can, nay must, smoke in the new opera house. at least that's what i'd do if i was queen...

3. their only warship has never seen war action but *has* accidentally blown up holiday houses on the coast somewhere. noone was injured, thankfully. well unless it had been that dipshit lombard...if they'd blown *him* up that would be double super dooper bonus points!

4. they have a habit of building things that are never used for their intended purpose.

5. the little mermaid's head has been cut off...TWICE!

6. copenhagen's "marble bridge" is made of sandstone.

7. they all hate the french (ok, so i don't know this one for sure but i like to think they do...everyone in europe seems to so it's a fair assumption).

8. their apartment living style ROCKS. in a fifth-floor apartment facing three hundred other apartments, the chances of seeing a naked person are tantalisingly high! (no, i didn't. there was one night there when we were *sure* the hot chick across the way and one floor down was going to nude-up, but we got sick of waiting after half an hour or so.)

9. they're *funny*! (see points 3-6)

of course i could go on....vikings..... beer.....chocolate....pastries (ok so maybe they're not really danish, but they're so delicious they should be dammit!!).

stay denmark, denmark

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