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4/9/2006 6:35 pm

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Well, I got rejected Twice already this weekend. WTF? Ok, first of all, If I'm too young for you, you really need to fix your age preference in your cupid settings so I 1.) Don't waste an email, 2.) don't make an ass out of myself and 3.) dont feel bad afterwords. The other one, i got told " I dont like white guys." Again....edit your prefered races in your cupid settings for the same above reasons. Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ. I dunno, it seems like the only ones on here I'm attracted too are those that I'm " Too young" for or are too far away from me. But why am I too young? big deal, you're 42 or 36...what's your point if your old enough to be my mother? The problem is thus, in my opinion: society Deems that any relationship where either partner is five years younger and older than the other is deemed " Taboo." Now, let's just put it this way. If we never had society, or civilization, and we were just like any other primate, It wouldnt matter. the fact is we are taught to discriminate by age. I mean, how the heck are oyu going to discriminate something that doesn't even exist? I mean, we can;t feel time, we can't see time, are we even sure time exists? who knows.
Now, racially, I can understand. If you dont like white guys, well, then, have fun with everyone else. I myself, generally dont want to date a black woman. does that mean I'm racist? No. It just means i have a general non-attraction towards black women. Generally speaking, of course. Will I Go out with a black woman? Sure, If I like her enough and find her physically and mentally attractive. It just ticks me off people make their cupid settings so wide, but then only choose a select few. It's like...If i was too young in the first place..or i'm not your prefered race...why bother setting your cupid settings so it says I am? Just edit it, and we both can live abit better. You're not rejecting me, and i'm not bugging you with things you dont want. both parties go home happy.

toomuchtwo31 41F
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6/10/2006 9:41 am

Post some pics that show you look as mature as you sound on paper. Maybe that will help women closer to you geographically see that you're worth a chance they wouldn't take on just any 19 year old boy. And if that doesn't work, lie.

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