Brandy on her graduation night  

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3/28/2006 2:31 pm
Brandy on her graduation night

I met her through the internet (a rival site) she lied about her age, me about mine. She added 2 years, I took off 3 - needless to say that when the maths was done correctly I was 13 years her senior.

The build up was tremendous. We had phone sex for hours over 3 or 4 weeks including me going out to my car at lunchtime and jerking off while talking to her (and I think being caught more than once). Sitting in my office at my desk with the door closed and fucking my hand while she is on speakerphone - fucking herself with a dildo - with any one of my 30 staff about to walk in at any time. Calling her from my Manhattan holiday apartment after having just fucked a great looking, very drunk, New York girl.

I used to love her stories of the guys she'd been fucking - she was relentless - and me setting her little secret missions. And her delivering on them, like fucking her tutor in a book cupboard.

Than the meeting. She was beautiful, resplendent. She was a young, big woman with the most kissable, luscious lipe you have ever seen! She wanted to fuck me outside her house while her mum looked on at the older guy picking her up in a brand new Grand Cherokee... We held off until we got to the hotel.

Her pussy constantly ran - all the time. I have never met a girl in a state of such constant arousal. I remember the very distinct smell of her pussy juice, to this day I can recall that smell. The feel of her fat, soft, shaven pussy lips parting to recieve my tongue, fingers, toys and cock.

I remember the foreplay build up and the "pop" when I managed to cram my dick into her tight little pussy. I came in about a minute. Then the 45 minute mutual oral session of teasing to the brink and then knowing just the right time to stop before either one of us went over the edge - the serial frustration of almost coming over and over again.

The rest was poetry...

Dragging her down the bed by her heels so I can lick her pussy
Fucking her pussy with a big fucking vibrator stuffed in her ass
Her tiny tits
Her dirty lips
The way she SCREAMED my name over and over
Listening to Rooney
Watching the porn
Talking about fucking in the ocean
Fucking her four times before finally getting to sleep
Her wet pussy in the morning
The sweet scent that will live with me forever
Fucking her again in bed and then in the shower

She confirmed that although she wasn't with her friends she had one of the best graduation nights she could imagine.

This young girl taught me how good phone sex can be and that women can have a filthy desire almost equal to mine.

Of all the girls in all the world... Brandy you were most definitely one of the best, and if I ever get the chance I will most definitely be looking you up again.

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