I Want Sex With You  

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3/5/2006 2:24 pm

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I Want Sex With You

I got changed at work as I was to meet a regular on the way home from work for a bit of fun, but when I got to our meeting place no one was there so after waiting half an hour I set off for home but instead I went to another site to see if anyone was about and there was this cute young guy of about 20 standing around trying to look quite innocent, so me being quite bold I walked over and started to chat to him.

Talking about nothing in particular I made it quite plain to him that I was interested in what he had in his underpants, I asked if he fancied sitting in my car and chatting but he kept looking over to where another car was parked, so I told him it was far to cold for me to stand about and as I turned around to go back to my car I slipped and fell against him, by putting out my hand in the right direction I was able to get a good grip of his crotch it was lovely and warm, I would also have said he had a hard on.

Back at my car listening to music and with the heater going I was thinking about going home when there was a knock on the window and the young guy asked if he could sit in my car, once he was settled I leaned over and started to undo his belt, but I found that once his belt was undone his jeans fell away with ease, with my hands all over his naked flesh I decided to find another spot so with my car in a low gear and one hand on his now rampant hard cock we set off.

I found a very quite spot with a few other people around so I ordered the guy to strip then he law down so that I could suck his cock and balls, I lay back on my seat and ordered him to go down on my and with a few coughs, splutters and gasps for breath he was at a loss for words, after he had cum over himself I ordered him to take my cock in his mouth as I shot my spunk to the back of his through.

After we had both cleaned up we got talking and one of his big turn was to be picked up by an older woman who would turn out to have a cock and force him to suck every last drop of pee and spunk so he got exactly what he dreamt of, an I also enjoyed some fun with him.

I am still looking for a rampant young sexey guy in the area

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