Hitching A Lift  

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1/6/2006 12:55 pm

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Hitching A Lift

Because I am not getting as much affection as I would like
I am feeling that I am being ignored by my sexual partner
and others, this evening I shall be called Ruby after the
song "Ruby don't take you love to town",
I cant remember who it is by and I think it is Country and Western
type of song.

So after feed the animals I shall have a deep luxurious hot
bath with lots of foam and bubbles, the after stepping out
of the bath and dressing I shall cover myself in baby talcum
powder, then it is off to the bedroom to get into my stocking,
suspenders, panties and bra.
Then sitting at the mirror I put on a light foundation makeup,
I then continue to put on my skirt and as it is quite cold out
I put on a long sleeved and quite loose fitting top, on top
of that I put on a large chunky white woollen jumper, with
a loose pair of jogging pants on to cover the lower half of
me and with my shoes, wig plus the rest of my makeup in my bag
set off to see what I can pick up.

After leaving the prudes who live on this estate, I drive
to a quite place where I can once more transform into the
butterfly that I like to think I am.

Then it is time to decide where to go is it to be another night
in town cruising the bars and clubs or off to one of the many
cruising (dogging) areas where I may pick up something

As it turned out I decided to go with the cruising, with the
weather being damp as it was starting to sleet I decided
to get some petrol and on leaving the petrol station there
was a guy stood waving a board with his destination, so I
had a look at his board and as it was sort of the way I was going
I just pulled up to him and asked if he would like a lift, the
jumped in to the passenger seat and put his pack between
his legs.
I was asked if we could pull over into a lay-by so he could
take off some of his damp cloth, so I said OK and when he took
his outdoor cloths off I thought he looked quite cute, when
he got back into the car his pack was once again pushed between
his legs.

With his pack between his legs this forced his right hand
leg into my path each time I changed gear, now I didn't
mind this because I could rub my hand up and down the side
of his leg which was warm to the touch on the back of my hand.

After a few miles I pulled into another lay-by and just explained
that I was popping into a shop so taking my keys and getting
one of my dogs out of the back of my car I said to Dave placing
the dog on my seat that he was OK just as long as he didn't
move as this dog was trained to go for guys balls and his hand
shot over his, from the shop I could see him trying not to
look frightened and also trying to get my dog on to his knee
so that when I got back into the car the dog was on Dave's
knee and the first words he said was "thought this
dog was vicious" and all I said was that was not the
only bitch in the car to look out for.

As we drove along I turned off the main road so that I could
give my dogs a pee break, after turning the engine off I slipped
my hand between Dave and the dog and for a few seconds I let
my hand linger, then I squeezed his dick about three times
and lifting the dog slowly I opened my door as well as the
passenger door to let the dogs out, once the dogs had done
a pee they all went in to the back of the car and I shut the doors.
Sitting next to Dave with my hand on the gear stick the heater
blowing and some soft music playing I could feel Dave's
leg pushing against my hand so with one swift move my hand
went from the gear stick straight on to the bulge in his pants,
at this point Dave said that he couldn't tell if he was
dreaming or not when I squeezed his throbbing cock because
he so wanted me to do it to him, neither could he make up his
mind about my hand rubbing up and down his leg as I seemed
to be changing gear quite a lot.

Now by this time Dave was not the only randy person in the
car and I asked if he would put his back pack in the back with
the dogs, before I could say any more he was out of the car
and approaching the back boor at which point all my dogs
went berserk and Dave almost fell over at the sight, so I
got out and took his pack off him and put it in with the dogs,
after closing the back door I pulled him over to me and almost
rammed my tongue down his through and I pushed my hand down
the front of his pants to get a hold of a throbbing cock, I
pushed him in through the open door of the car so he was laying
prostrate across the two front seats and ripping his pants
off I went down on his cock, not the smallest one I have seen
but I got all of his cock and one of his balls in my mouth and
with a bit of shuffling I got the other ball in, with my tongue
going from ball to ball and the movement of my head he shouted
OMG and tried to force his cock further in to my mouth.

Back on the main road and the place he wanted dropping off
looming ahead of us Dave asked if we could meet up again,
so when I told him it was 50 miles out of my way he suggested
that he could to my place by train and maybes I could show
him more or as his parents were away next week end maybe he
could make me a meal and I could stop over.

Dave also told me that he had no time for girls of his own age
but much preferred an older person.

We were parked in a quite lane next to the village he lives
in so when he got out of the car he came around to my door lifted
my legs out and pushed me back on the passenger seat, with
a bit of fumbling he pulled my knickers and there was no hesitation
on his part, he just went straight down on me.

As for the rest of this tale I may tell you what happened some
other time.

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