A Trip To Town  

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1/6/2006 5:18 am

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A Trip To Town

A lot of you may not understand some of the things talked about in my post because when translating from English to another language the full/true meaning of words or phrases are lost and therefore things I write about may read like goboldygook.
May I request that thoese of you that come in to read my post at least make some sort of score just to show that your not totally ignorant.


I decided to go out just to show my face around town, just to show people that I had not passed away and that I was still very much alive since I had not been in town for some time.

Just sitting on a bench and watching all the young guys going past with some great bums and some looked as if they had nothing at all either cock or bum, it was like watching the TV program Hollyoaks lots of young guys in two's or in groups being very chatty. Mind you when I started to talk to some of them some of the comments made by their friends about me were very rude and not at all nice.

So sitting in the market square I got chatting to one youngster mainly about the weather and how cold it was, so I asked him if he fancied a hot drink [ I know what some people are thinking, coffee back at my place get him into bed, have my wicked way with him then drop him back in town] but this time all it was was a coffee in one of the small cafes in the market square and a nice chat with a good looking young man, mind you I did ask him how old he thought I was and his reply was "38" so after feeling quite impressed with his reply I let him depart.

Since very few people know my real age I would have loved to put 100 yrs as my age but 90's was all this site would allow

Most of my heterosexual female friends say that I am confident with an outgoing but dominant personality and that I look like "Fern Briton", I do occasionally go to bars and clubs with my straight female friends where I get to chat to young guys.

Please read my profile just to see if we are right for each other then include pictures of yourself fully clothed and naked, these pics should also have your face on one of them.

For anyone using the gender exchange board Please treat the girls with respect, no matter what age they are and start off by showing your face as it shows your Ignorance when you show your bits first as not everyone is on there for sex and should the subject of sex come up please do it in a private room.

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