A Goth Night  

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12/31/2005 7:46 am

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A Goth Night

A lot of you may not understand some of the things talked about in my post because when translating from English to another language the full/true meaning of words or phrases are lost and therefore things I write about may read like goboldygook.
May I request that thoese of you that come in to read my post at least make some sort of score just to show that your not totally ignorant.

Whilst out shopping in town on Friday I decided to go in to a small cafe for a coffee and a slice of cake a gang of youths came in and they were rather rowdy and noisy so much so that the cafe owner asked them to be quite and respect others so when they spilt into two groups one on either side of me we thought that they would quieten down.
First they started by flicking bits of bread at each other, then sugar packets and finally spoons, at that point I put my hand over the back of the seats and grabbed one of the youngsters by the balls and told him to sit down and shut up or I would rip his balls off.

Now between me getting my hand on his genitals an him sitting down I felt a twitch or something like it, then he sat down with his face as red as a beetroot.
To describe the young guy at the back of me he was in his late teens with dyed black hair, his cloths, makeup and shoes all in black.

When walking around town I meet up with him again this time he was with a couple other young guys and as soon as he recognised me he left his mates to come over to me and sat next to me, while we sat talking I slipped my hand onto his knee and he put his heavy black coat over my hand with one of his hands and with the other hand under his coat he pulled my hand up and onto his throbbing cock.
As our talk became more sexual I asked him if he fancied going for a ride and he looked over to his mates, then went over to talk to them an after a few minutes he came back an said he couldn't leave them as they had no way of getting home if he left and if I took them along they would just sit in my car and wait.

Off we went to a locale dogging site where we all got out of the car and went for a walk in the woods, in one area the evergreens where thick and the first young man opened his coat to reveal a throbbing hard cock with a pair of great balls an as I took hold of it the other two made it quite clear that they also wanted a bit.
I let one of them put his hand up my skirt and he jumped back looking startled he whispered to the other two as to what he had just got a hold of an at that point the first guy got on his knees with his head under my skirt and he started sucking as if his life depended on it, the guy who had not done anything up to this point got a rubber out of his pocket lifted the rear of my skirt, pulled down my undies bent me over licked around my hole making it nice and wet before ramming his cock straight up me and the force in which he did it made me stand bolt upright forcing my own cock deep into the first young guys throat which made him gage air, bent over again I now had a nineteen year old sucking my cock with another fucking me like sex was going out of fashion and the third was trying to get me to suck his cock.

After what could have only been a few seconds the guy shagging me shot his load and pulled out and when I said I wanted more because I had not cum he pulled the guy around who was trying to shag me, with this one I didn't feel his cock go in an about all I did feel was his balls slapping my ass cheeks as he shagged me an there was me thinking it was better than nothing, now the guy who was sucking my cock was altogether something different with a slow hand he lifted the back of my skirt and with slow even strokes he shagged me while his balls slapped against my buttocks and just as I was to cum he gave two or three hard thrusts of his pelvis and I clenched my buttocks to feel each and every thrust of his pelvis as he shot his cum up me and my cum was scattered over the ground.

After taking them back to the car park in town the young guy who was dresses all in black handed me a bit of paper and told me to give him a ring, so guess who I am getting to do for New Years.


1/1/2006 4:10 pm

What a day for you. You are so lucky.
I hope I too get lucky with you very soon,


rm_tg_toni2 65T
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1/2/2006 4:15 pm

Sorry but not without a photo which includes your face

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