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Hi there,
I want this blog not to be the common blog that everyone puts out. I want this to be full of the wildest fantasies. From BDSM to Vanilla. I am also a member on I use the same handle and am refered to there as Daddy Bear. You can check out my blog there at

But to start things off I am going to include one of my favorite b-day things... I have done or been a part of one of these Human Sundies as I like to call them so let me know what u all think---Daddy Bear

it was his b-day and the groupe of us(ten in all) wanted to do something special... we grabed him from his office, blindfolded him without letting him know who we were and caried him down to the waiting van.

we took him to a motel, were we had set up the room with a massage table and all the ingrediants. we laid him on the table and tied him down tightly. you could see the sweat pooring from his skin in nervousness. he knew this was comming but he didn't know when, where, or what... all he knew was that it was happening now.

once tied down we started to cover him in all the ingrediants we had brought... we first started with the chocolet syrup... we started at his neck and dripped it down to his cock... u could see the goose pumps poping up all along the route of the syrup. we next whent to the whiped cream.... several of us started to spray it all over his body... covering his nipples, belly button, tip of his cock head and so forth... he did not react to this cause it was not heavy. next came the sprinkles... again he did not feel thes to much but we scattered them from neck to groin. I started to place the cold marachino cherries all over his body... he felt these real well and the sticky juice that dripped down the sides of his body... another guy started to place sliced bannanas around his body... pushing them into the whiped cream and chocolet syrup.

we were finaly done... my boy was covered from neck to groin in the makings of a sunday... what was ther to do but start to eat him... I was the lucky ont to get his sweet and sticky covered cock... I started at the base... slowly licking my way up the syrup, whiped creama and other ingrediants... kepping pressure at the base to stop him from cumming... I looked up at the rest of the group... they were in varous stages of delight... licking and sucking my boys body... u could hear the load moans comming from the head of the table as my boy fought to release what was sure to be a spectacular orgasm... not and inch of his body was not attended to by some guy or another...

I finally knew he could not take any more... the amount of pre-cum leaking from his tip was enormus... finaly I slowly lowed my mouth on my boys quiving cock... the other never let up... the room was filled withthe sounds of sucking and my boys moans... it only took a few moments... the quickest I have ever seen... my boy started to shoot into my mouth...I swallowed greadily as pulled against the restraints and the mouths on his body... I thought he would never stop... I just keept swallowing and moving my head in small quick movements... ensuring my boy wouldn't stop... finally his hips collasped and his limbs fell slack... he was done... and actually so intense was the orgasme that he imediatly fell asleep.

well the rest of us feel into a pile on the floor...not caring who was a Daddy and who was a boy... we just needed to release the sexual energy that had built up during the sunday party... but that is for another time

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