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10/25/2005 7:09 pm

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It is a horrible feeling to feel powerless in your own home. I had soneone try and break into my house 2 times over the weekend. Once while I was in the house sleeping, the other after I had left to go shopping. My fearless watch dogs also slept through the drama so they weren't much help.

Last night as I was double checking all the doors and windows before going to bed I was creeped out. Not knowing if the person would try again tonight. You would like to think that living in a nice suburban neighborhood would help keep you feeling safe but as reality dictates that is not the case.

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10/26/2005 8:13 pm

i know where you are coming from. i wrote about our breeak in last week. it happened two years ago next month. it really bothered my wife. i told her that she shouldn't go raider on me. what is go raider? let me explain...

when the raiders met the bucaneers in the super bowl a few years back, they got clobbered. i mean beat bad. the next year, they had one of the worst records in history for a team that made the super bowl just the previous year. the reason: they let the bucs beat them every time they walked on the field. not just the suuper bowl, but the next 8 games or so too. so don't let the idiot who tried to break in try every night for the next two months. win your battle in your arena. you have a cheering section here in the northwest.


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