Preparing for the big one  

rm_texasgal1978 45F
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9/22/2005 10:27 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Preparing for the big one

Well, this may be my last post for awhile. I am having to finish preparing for Hurricane Rita. There isn't a way to get out at this point. The highways are a parking lot, no hotel roooms left in Texas and there isn't any gas to be found so I am just going to ride it out at home. I shouldn't have to worry about flooding but the winds are supposed to be bad.

What I normally love about my house and neighborhood( trees, trees, lots of windows, and did I say trees?) is now scaring me. I have plenty of water, batteries, my battery operated tv, and food so I should be okay if nothing horrible happens.

Wish me luck in getting through this.

Update: I made it through Rita just fine. It was ascary for a few hours but we missed a lot of it. It is now just way to hot.

spcycwby 42M
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9/22/2005 3:16 pm

i know how you feel im right here in spring getting all ready for a fun ride

rm_titsandtires 51M/41F
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9/22/2005 11:01 pm

good luck! i hope you the best. I'll be looking for future posts to see how you made it.


Mr_sweetness 44M
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9/27/2005 11:37 pm

I am so glad you are okay i was worried about you sunshine...HUUUUGGGGSSSSS god bless you

Peace, cause there is to much violence and blood shed in the world!!

Love, cause there is to much hate in the world!!

Happiness, cause it feels good and life is to short to be mean and unhappy all the time!!

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