2 Children  

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12/27/2005 3:01 pm

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2 Children

I have come to the conclusion after the Christmas holiday weekend that I have 2 children. My 69 year old mother and 74 year old father.

I decided to buy my parents new cell phones for Christmas. I don't like them to be out and about without a way to contact them or for emergencies with their health problems. I had given my mother a phone over the summer and she had it 3 days before she broke it. My father has been carrying around a dinosaur for several years so I thought it was time they got upgraded.

Hence I will describe their Christmas conversations to me :

Dad to Mom-- I feel so bad for you.. I have more presents to open than you.

Me to both of them-- It's quality not quantity

Phones have been opened:

Dad- Why is her phone blue and mine is silver?

Me- Her phone is a different model- it is a camera phone, yours is not( let's not even discuss the fact that NEITHER one of them will EVER figure out how to take a picture on it)

Dad- Why can't I have a camera phone? Why is hers better?

Mom- How much did they cost? Is mine more expensive?

Dad- do I get to keep my same telephone number or will I have to get a new one ( he was satisfied he could keep the same number )

Later that day after the phones were setup....

Mom- do we both have new numbers?

Me- Dad kept the same number, you have a new one. Would you like me to program all our contact numbers in for you?

Dad- Why does she get a new number? Why can't I have a new number? I want all the numbers programmed also

Mom- don't forget to put all the contacts on speed dial for me

Dad- I want speed dial too. Where is the belt case? Why don't I have a new belt case?

Later that evening I spent 1.5 hours trying to download a ringtone for my Mom. I think I played every freakin ringtone on the website for her before she decided.

Let's now move to the next day. I meet them for breakfast--

Mom- Dad wants a new ringtone also ( he is deaf in one ear and if a phone doesn't have a normal ring he doesn't know what it is but hey, I knew it was coming )

Dad- what ringtone can I have? Pick one for me

Me- there are thousands to choose from- What artists would you like?

Dad- I don't care.. I just want one like your Moms


dasher121 36M

1/5/2006 3:15 am

hahahaha gotta love the grown up children, they are almost.......ok, they are just as bad. lol.

rm_bi_virgin3 39M/43F
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1/13/2006 1:24 pm

They sound so sweet. They are our parents ... they took care of us...now it is our turn.

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