when time stood still  

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11/23/2005 2:38 am

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when time stood still

When i was younger I dated Rachel. We were both dismal to each other we fought like there was no tomorrow, and we had sex that often made for no tomorrow. She rocked my world with out fail. Whether I was miserable, or stupid crazy after a night of sex.

She was in college and broke and a feminist. so she wanted to do a date her treat. She got together with three of her friends one who had this old house, and they worked them selves nuts trying to create the ultimate romantic weekend. For once we didn't fight, and things went well. Two of the other girls had come up with guys for the weekend just because they wanted to be included. As far as rachel and i went we got naked, she had candles every where, and had one of those comfortable no pressure nights that turned into days. we both stayed pretty tipsy for the whole thing. The girls had drawn straws for rooms, and ours was the guest room with this huge old antique four poster feather bed. We went in for the night very late, and started a long leisurely love session. She was like a cat stroke her right and she would purr. I got hurt years ago, and for some reason ever since I last for hours when I want to. We had been going for about an hour, nothing special me on top when one of the girls burst into the room. She was in tear turns out the human dribble glass that she had asked along had gotten drunk and passed out. Not much later the girl who owned the house came in. Hers was a spaz who had done his thing for about a minute, and then rolled over and passed out. So here I am still inside of my date, and these two want to talk. Took forever, but when they finally left we were both super charged, and long over due to complete something. We went nuts. hit it like animals. She starts cumming like mad. one of those girls who really soaks the sheets. The short is when she kicked she hit one of the bed posts, she was a hell of a soccer player. The bed came completely apart and collapsed. That thing hit the floor like a ton of bricks, the top came down and we were stuck. So here I am inside of her, we both looked like we had been in a sauna and this heavy canopy has me seriously stuck. The girls heard the crash and came running in. The three of them managed to get us loose. That was hen things got good My date always liked to drag me around by my dick, and she grabs me and pulls me down stairs with the other three. In the living room there was a huge over stuffed couch. Rachel and I lay-ed down on it, and we pretty much passed out. I woke midday the next day on the couch with four naked women. Funny but now that I think about it I never did see the other guys again. However the girls and I didn't get dressed for at least another day. Rachel you know who you are if you read this call me.

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