a happy holiday indeed  

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12/27/2005 12:11 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

a happy holiday indeed

We both did not have our children for Christmas, so we spent the weekend together. I love to cook, and used it as an excuse to destroy our waist lines. I have these stupid lace curtains on my kitchen doors, Yes, not very masculine indeed, but rentals being what they are, and this place is not cheep, so they stay. I took a couple of white sheets and clipped them over the "Curtains" for a little privacy, and we cooked nude. Except for frying up sausage for breakfast, too painful. I believe that we both discovered a couple of new fetishes while we were at it, I know I did. I really liked watching her breasts move about, while she was puttering with me. We did discover a few food items had their own individual places Redi Whip especially the chocolate stuff, while great fun in bed, is not good for fore ply when you are having fun, the sticky never goes away. Castille soap is best for cleaning up, it does not leave a yuck residue any where, I actually liked the peppermint taste it left on her skin. And as often as not we needed more work than did the kitchen. All in all we pulled off a pretty spectacular fare for the entire time we were together. I expect I will have to invite some of my bachelor friends over to dispose of our creations, I do think I will have to be vague on how some were made though. I had made the menu choices and did the main market trip while she was driving up, living 200 miles apart sucks for the convenience of getting to see each other, but when you do it is something special every time. We both are slobs, with our areas that we like kept neat. Conveniently these areas did not interact so we were able to keep th House in passable condition. I also learned not to sneak up on a naked woman who is doing dishes and help my self to her charms. Se demonstrated that the sink sprayer works very well as a deterrent. (especially when it is spraying cold water). All of this led to the necessity of a shower before we went on. I still feeling frisky decided to get her with the shower nozzle. (I have one of those removable shower heads so you can spray some one in the next room with ease. She retaliated with a washout bucket of water ice and snow. I think I lost that one. sure made her look bright, her nipples were so stiff they could have been declared hazardous, though, by the time we were through we were both laughing so hard, I think I hurt my self. That is enough for tonight, I may write more later.

rm_2sensuals4u 47M/48F

12/27/2005 10:59 am

You r too sweet.. Just wait until next time, sexy man!

cumheredarling 45F
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1/3/2006 10:58 am

Damn...I missed out

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