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11/2/2005 12:09 pm

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I know you play, don't try to lie
here are some words from honest I:

you are a player; it's what you do
but what if one day it was done to you?

it's not a pleasant feeling to have been played
especially if all you wanted was to get laid

i know that you're a player, so don't say, "no"
but love is something you'll never know

you are cold hearted and untrue
you're going to keep it up- till it happens to you

you got someone, two, three or four
but tell me... who's the one whom you adore

it's people like you who make people look bad
because you're so quick to play someone and leave them sad

and then you look around and say they're all the same
thanks to players like you who are to blame

you play behind one's back and think it's fun
till one of them you want to run

but, they'll be gone so far away
just like you, they like to play

so you shouldn't play with minds and you shouldn't play with hearts
you should be faithful before you even start.

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