Calling All Bloggers!  

rm_tennismaiden 59F
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7/6/2006 5:49 pm

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3/6/2008 7:25 am

Calling All Bloggers!

A very dear friend of mine from California wishes to be part of our extraordinary group/family of bloggers.

We were chatting for quite some time as I was trying to give him hints for a successful and fun blog. Of course I think humor and zest should be a pre-requisite with some much needed sexual innuendo thrown in for color and erotic sizzle.

If you were to offer your one best piece of advice for blogging, what would it be? He will be checking in later to read all your replies and hopefully we can take pride in his success.

Com'on all...lets hear from you!

NSAAddict 42F

7/6/2006 6:10 pm

You've given him some great advice already, I would only add to blog for yourself and yourself only. You can't please everyone and will only be miserable in the process. Best of luck to him

rm_tennismaiden replies on 7/8/2006 7:17 am:
Thanks NSA, so nice to see you and welcome you into my silly little blog!

florallei 99F

7/6/2006 6:24 pm

be respectful...words seasoned with salt...easier to truthful...have fun!

rm_tennismaiden replies on 7/8/2006 7:18 am:
"words seasoned with salt"

Good advice and what a creative way to describe the many nuances of expressing oneself. Thanks for visiting!

Mermaidslut 49F

7/6/2006 6:34 pm

Keep your personally identifying info OFF the blog. Posts are indexed in search engines, and you can call up content by searching Google and such. Therefore, let's say you put your name in here, and someone was doing a search on your name, it could pull up your posts and lead to a whole buncha info you might not like. One time, I was doing a search for a project, came across a young mans blog and saw he worked for a friend of mine. No big deal, except the blog was talking about his sexual escapades with a minor, and included face photos.

rm_tennismaiden replies on 7/8/2006 7:44 am:
Good that you brought up that point. When the system goes on the fritz many of us enter our own blogs via the internet. But yes it does have it's disadvantages of being public so heed warning to all those out there thinking their blogs are perhaps more private than they thought.

Good common sense should be used at all times if discretion is necessary.

gjg1965 51M

7/6/2006 8:00 pm

Hi Keep it real and don,t piss in someones blog. Thanks for dropping in tennis girl. George

rm_tennismaiden replies on 7/8/2006 7:51 am:
You said it dissing anyone else's space! Be respectful and use tact when opposing someones viewpoint. Hey we welcome other opinions provided they are done with intelligence and genuineness.

Kind of like you George....sweet to the core!

criik 50M

7/6/2006 8:03 pm

Your CA friend is very appreciative of this input. Keep it flowing with other great, safe ideas.

rm_tennismaiden replies on 7/8/2006 7:54 am:
Dear man...Safety here in the blogs...wild abandon behind closed doors.....then you can write all about it here for everyone to gawk and get all a flutter.

What do you to begin an adventure, post dueling erotic fiction about a long distance romance?

rm_kelli4u2dew 41F
5220 posts
7/6/2006 9:32 pm

I've found that you can build a readership by posting drivel with an ass pic ...

There are only a couple of hundred bloggers who get many comments. Those people write things that people want to read, either that make them think, laugh, cry ... in general things that are entertaining. If you have something to say, and say it well, then people will keep coming back. Another thing - headlines. Title it to attract people. But a good ass pic helps ...

rm_tennismaiden replies on 7/8/2006 7:59 am:
Headlines can make or break the introduction to your always have that thing going on (besides have the best ass on this site)!

Is that why your such a popular gal? naaaawwww it's because your
true beautiful self pours out every page and the amount of spunk with all that sizzle just draws us in!

Thanks sweetie...good addition to the suggestions!

TheRealThing655 48F
9558 posts
7/6/2006 10:05 pm

I agree with many of the above..I think being real, honest, having a sense of humor..writing about a variety of subjects...makes it interesting. And sure, a photo is important too. Let us know when he makes his first appearance here!

rm_tennismaiden replies on 7/8/2006 8:02 am:
Heck yeah RT..He lives closer to you then me and I might just send you on an adventure so you can check out the goods for me before I get on that airplane to visit!

Hey maybe he'll need a little qualify for that position (especially if he's really cute)!

Thanks sweetie for the comment!

Nightguy_1961 55M
4866 posts
7/6/2006 11:10 pm

Be yourself....don't be afraid of criticism....speak from the heart moreso than speaking from the head...

Just my viewpoint...

NG61...slipping back into the darkness...

rm_tennismaiden replies on 7/8/2006 8:16 am:
There is a reason why you are in the top 10 bloggers NG, your warm heart, practical head, erotic and dom knowledge and practices make for one fabulous blog!

You take the time necessary to reach out to so many and that's why we all value every word of wisdom you share, without ever stepping on anyones toes you are humble to the core!

My friend should take many lessons from your teachings and he will surely find bliss and contentment here in our little family of writers.

BlackHeatLust 47M

7/7/2006 12:36 am

In all things be true to yourself, discuss things that might interest you as well as others and soon you will develop a loyal fan base who will follow your blog escapes every day. Also be ready to accept a litttle criticism from the experienced bloggers on this site who have been posting for quite some time know.

rm_tennismaiden replies on 7/9/2006 7:50 pm:
Do we have to accept criticism? Gosh I hate that...then we have to try and defend ourselves. Ok...yes I guess that's the point. Thanks BHL my friend will enjoy all these fab suggestions!

Molyminer 61M
75 posts
7/7/2006 3:13 am

I would say, stay focused. Ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish. Don't write anything that will not get you there. Then go for it. Post comments on the most popular blogs to get exposure lol Ed.

rm_tennismaiden replies on 7/9/2006 7:53 pm:
Exposure seems to be the name of the game here at AdultFriendFinder. Everyone's doin it... this was a good addition to the many suggestions that have come in.

Ok MM are you gonna expose yourself? Don't forget to let me know when you do!

Molyminer 61M
75 posts
7/7/2006 3:53 am

    Quoting Molyminer:
    I would say, stay focused. Ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish. Don't write anything that will not get you there. Then go for it. Post comments on the most popular blogs to get exposure lol Ed.
continuing: AND......................making sure that the blogger's post you are posting your coment to is the most attractive lady and one that you would also like to score points with in every way. I guess I've revealed my intentions and what I would like to accomplish. lol Ed.

rm_tennismaiden replies on 7/9/2006 7:55 pm:
Yes kind sir you have...I'm flattered but really "the most" attractive lady? You're making me blush MM

HeardLankaMalls 55M
2925 posts
7/7/2006 4:46 am

Your points are a great start TM. And I agree with NSA wholeheartedly. Do and say what you feel like, and ignore any naysayers or downers that might care to comment. It's your blog, say what you want to...

Hugs, C

rm_tennismaiden replies on 7/9/2006 7:57 pm:
I would add to that if naysayers don't like what you write, ban them from your blog to keep the process peaceful. There's always one rotten apple in the bunch. But YOU Cor are as sweet as a peach!

funintheday2006 56M
9659 posts
7/7/2006 4:54 am

Hi Ten
Thanks for checking out my blog.
Blackheat, Nightguy, Kelli, NSA & Flo all have excellent and diverse blogs. He would do well to check them out. That is not a reflection on the others posting here, I aint checked them out yet!
My only advice is to be yourself, be honest and make sure your humour is real. Be consistent, be truthful and dont intentionally be rude or personal in attacking someone.

rm_tennismaiden replies on 7/9/2006 8:02 pm:
Hey fun I liked your blog lots! But then again you must know already I'm an anglophile...I love all you funny UK guys!

Thanks for the suggestions, he'll be very appreciative of them!

free2chose2 66F

7/7/2006 8:51 am

    Quoting Nightguy_1961:
    Be yourself....don't be afraid of criticism....speak from the heart moreso than speaking from the head...

    Just my viewpoint...

    NG61...slipping back into the darkness...
visit other blogs---enjoy yourself

Don't worry, be Happy

rm_tennismaiden replies on 7/9/2006 8:04 pm:
Hey Free....I turned you to the dark side and now look at you...a little whore just like the rest of us sluts in blogville. But aren't you just lovin it? Yeah...I think you are!

wickedeasy 66F  
25377 posts
7/7/2006 12:04 pm

write what you know
if it's real, people will recognize that

at least i will

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

rm_tennismaiden replies on 7/9/2006 8:09 pm:
It takes one to know one right wicked? All us bloggers can sniff out the superficial surface dwellers and leave them be. Here many of us seek depth compassion and clever ways of keeping our interest.

Are you feeling any better yet? Hope soon....HUUUUUGGGGZZZZZ

starlight_runner 39F

7/8/2006 10:10 am

dont forget.if u want to be part of the family, leaving comments and interacting with others by responding is just as important as the blog itself.

then do as passionswine says.

kisses n good luck.

oooooooooo n a sexy piccie always helps so when he cums up on the slot machine peeps will have a quick click see.


ps getting involved in games always helps recognition

rm_tennismaiden replies on 7/9/2006 8:12 pm:
Trust me Star he's got a sexy pic...why he's very sexy and I'm sure will get a lot of attention provided he takes all those that posted here their words of wisdom.

Thank you to all!

free2chose2 66F

7/10/2006 1:54 am

TM, introducing me to"blogging"has been enlightening

Don't worry, be Happy

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