An Unexplainable Fate.....  

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8/13/2006 8:31 pm

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An Unexplainable Fate.....

Chirping in the darkness of summer night the nocturnal crickets and creatures sing their songs of calling. Only hours before I too rose and fell with the instinctual rhythms practicing primal mating rituals. Flickers of fire played tricks against the ceiling while casting an umber glow across the fleshy tones of our nakedness. The night air temperature has become ideal for a fading summer season destined to forever remain a milestone of keepsake memories.

I lay in bed as I write, the candles long since blown out, the fan swirling coolish air and lite cotton covers pulled to cover our midriffs. He lies beside me as close without being cramped but purposely snuggled to know each is there. Tousled hair the color of chestnuts in fall on a brisk seasonal day and a moist forehead from the passion spent earlier this evening. His hands are tucked under his chin while he lays tummy side down, head cocked towards me for those brief seconds he wrestles for deeper sleep. The look of a boy trapped in a man, so sweet and innocent one would never guess of the journeys nor disappointments from years gone by. The past has no place here in our bed together, tonight; we bring not the remnants of our desperations, loneliness or sufferings we bring ourselves fresh as newborn babes. We have re-emerged from fate, the kind that stops your heart, freezes your breathe and infuses the deepest love a man and woman could possibly pray to God for in ones lifetime.

My laptop is glowing iridescent hues backlighting the bedroom wall; I’ve got it perched on my leg tops propped against the covers so not to slide as I write. The screen tilted up for ease while typing. He is motionless and still, a faint hint of cologne and fragrance of sensuality, his semen mixed like a cocktail with my womanly secretions. A sporadic deep nasal breathe from him whistles as his nose closes and hums a buzzing vibration. He is so lovely to behold, the creases around his mouth as they curve and parenthesize his malleable lips. The mustache neat and trimmed earlier in the day streaked with only a few discolored variations for a man his age, he is youthful in this lighting, but perhaps my eyes see distortions surrounded by cushions of purity. When you love someone this deeply the newness and wonder colors all perceptions differently. Then you quick say a prayer that this feeling never change, you will never become curt or disenchanted in times that lay ahead.

My wishes are granted here, they reside in the soul that sleeps beside me now. They consist of genius, silly boy rites of passage, commanding elegance, powerful convictions and a verbal skill that conveys all those validations he knows I must hear to heal. With every interval that passes, a rooster crowing with proud purpose he offers my reflections, the beauty that had been shattered he has gathered up into his embrace and extended his graceful arms for me to claim. He is chivalrous, fiercely protective and devoutly gentle as he delivers each proclamation to love me for all of eternity. These are not mere words; they are mission statements to become my keeper of sacred truths.

He stirs, I grab the computer as the waves of movement get jostled to and fro trying to find yet another cradle of comfort. His eyes open for a split second, his lids partially slit and reveal those hazel tones hidden by his glasses during the day, they search for me and unrecognizable sentences tumble from his throat, it’s incoherent and random, nothing makes sense until he focuses and sees me parallel to him, a turn of the lip upwards lets me know he’s acknowledged my presence and quickly descends again to find peace. I take a hand and softly run it under the back of his neck, gliding along his spine and down to his buttock. Resting it there at the base of his vertebrae as I watch his muscles give way and melt to my touch. This is love, my fingers convey the commitment to soothe his restlessness, I wait till he settles and then exhale being careful not to move again. It’s safe to return to the keyboard, but I’m not inspired to type anymore I want to put the day to rest and puddle myself beside him now, to capture his dreams and spin my own story line to my night of tenderness. This night being the beginning of many dreams to come....

free2chose2 66F

8/15/2006 3:07 am

Ohhhhhhhh,my, well, how lovely

Don't worry, be Happy

kryztoph908 59M

8/16/2006 8:24 am

So happy for YOU my treasured one, and for your L&M, your lover, your ONE, that you have found one another on this infinite stormy sea, and that your voyage to ports of call, both familiar and exotic, be safe yet exciting. I wish you both the full panoply of human experience --- well make that the GOOD half!

Buddies for life,

wickedeasy 66F  
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8/18/2006 8:23 am


how wonderful

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

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