Waterfall Symphony  

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Waterfall Symphony

Walking along the enbankment of a large pool of water fed by the river above ,the roaring of a majestic waterfall entrances me. The sun is choosing its victims. I skim my toes through the water that gently massages the bank to get a feel for its tempature.

I notice from the corner of my eye a man glistening in oils as a few beads of sweat run from his face and tease his body, tickling his nipples and making their way over his strong form. He is perfection shimmering next to the rippling water.I catch his eye long enough to turn and walk the other direction as though I haven't intended to grab his attention.

My thoughts turn to the heat as I walk into the shallows and give a slight glance over to see that he is partaking in my every move. I gracefully run my fingers across the wetnees around me as I proceed further and then disappear into the depths. I surface out of his view hidden by the wet satin sheets that the fall has provided me. The water is cool but I feel myself burning inside.

I find shade provided by a cave hidden from view to the several swimmers playing their games and ravishing the coolness of the pool in the afternoon heat.I remain separated there by natures blanket.I enjoy the privacy it has provided as the visions of the man on the other side take over my fantasies.No amount of shade can cool the burning I have.

The water is falling to a rhythm as I begin to touch myself and harmonize with its melody.Gently I rub my breasts longing for his tongue to dance over my nipples.I trace paths of the sweat that move down my body and begin to indulge myself as I have become wetter rather than drying in the heat.I spy a huge rock to perch myself on where I can close my eyes and see his image.I long for his tongue to run over my curves and trace the path of my fingers, and as the pounding of the fall becomes harder, louder, fed by the raging river above, I freely moan letting go of all inhibitions.

Eyes closed and lost in fantasy, I sense an approach and feel the softness of a tongue in longing ,teasing my nipples and dancing a ballet over my breasts. I want to open my eyes to discover it's him but gently he places his strong hand over them masking my view.Then I feel a blindfold wrap around me.I welcome this and reach out and run my hand over his body which smells of luscious coconut.

He guides my body as he turns me around and lays me over the rock.Teasing my senses, he moves slowly down my back with his tongue searching out every part of me.He's found his play ground.Licking and tasting the candy I offer and enjoying the sweetness he has found.My body trembles in anticipation.

He slowly moves me by my hips as he enters my realm.Cautiously at first but then in a more dominant manner he pushes foward into my fortress and takes control.I allow him this freedom as he grabs my hair and tugs it slightly.Passion grips me as he follows the rhythm of the waterfall. He slides in and out as a bow moves across the strings of a chello and we become a symphony of ecstacy.And as our song reaches climax he relaeses his very esscense into me,flooding my being and my soul.I collapse on the rock in bliss and as I slip back into reality I open my eyes to find myself alone.

As quietly as he had approached he had left. I,in no particular hurry, eventually leave my hide away and find my way back to the shallows of the pool.I look over to where I had seen him before and he is gone.

Having recieved more pleasure out of my day at the falls than I had expected, I decide myself to leave.I get in my car and turn my head left to see my fantasy man.He smiles his charming smile and I smile back. I say "Wow,that was amazing"... His reply,"I love you." I grin and say "where now? Why don't we go try the theater?" He laughs as he puts the car into drive and answers,"I was just thinking the same thing."

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Very nice and erotic. Welcome to Blogland. Come by for a read sometime, if you like. Later

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