Story Part 4  

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Story Part 4


Everything changed for him. Her every touch, her smell, the feel of her skin against his. The feel of her hair tickling him as they moved. He loved it all and never wanted it to stop. She knew where, when and how to position her hands. When she wrapped legs around his waist it sent him into exctasy. All he ever thought he knew changed. Passion became his universe and Janice was dead center in it. He could not stop staring into her eyes and as she succumbed to pleasure. He was over joyed it was him giving it to her. For him all the walls he had built crumbled all his pain was gone and all that was left was joy. The woman in his arms was all that mattered to him anymore. She began to shake in the throes of her orgasm and he could no longer hold back himself and exploded deep inside her, himself shaking from the intensity of such a powerful emotional and physical rush.

Her fears disappeared and all that matter was the comfort, passion and safety she felt in his arms. He was gentle but strong and she submitted to his passions as he submitted to her. She had been with other men but none became excited by how she reacted as did Jason. He watched her and paid attention to her pleasure which in turn allowed her to release her fears and pay attention to his. They were one not only physically, but in mind and spirit as well. The cresending rush of passion that brought her to her first orgasm was powerful, disorientating and welcome. She never wanted it to end. She understood what she had in her arms and knew she could never let it die. She vowed to herself to learn to love for him.

He was spent, the sweat poured donwn his face and body. She laid there smiling and holding his hands as he calmed down. He bent down and kissed her. She put her arms around him. She knew they were both affected far deeper than either ever anticipated. She also knew they now belonged to each other.

She arrived in the morning. Janice was sleeping peacefully, Very peacefully, she had not been so since she was ten after the incident. Mrs. Wilkens knew they had given in to each other. She could sense the change and the energy. Jason had broken down to Janice's charms as all men eventually had but it was different this time. Janice had fallen into Jason just as much and she could see that her grandaughter was happy. The fact that she was sleeping soundly and so peacfully was proof of that. Normally even the slightest noise would have awoken Janice but the fear, the anxiety were gone. There was a sense of peace. Jason some how had gotten Janice's trust and respect. Nothing would be the same ever again.

She was waiting for him when he entered his office. There was something odd about him, different. He seemed taller and the smile on his face was out of place for him. His demeanor was cheerful, almost joyous. Then Debbie realized he had someone. He said Hello to her but her heart sank. He had found another love somehow. Someone who could allow him to finally release Emily in his heart. Someone who was not her. She smiled weakly back.

"I just remembered I have an appointment somewhere." She said in a monotone voice as she got up and left.

Jason just looked as she left. He shook his head trying to figure out what that was all about. He shrugged his shoulders and went to work.

"I don't know how it happened. I certainly wasn't trying to make it happen." Janice said.

"You know how this is going to complicate things for you?"

"Yes but I can handle it. He's different, not like the other men."

"Of that I'm sure but you still need your therapy. Janice you have a lot of issues still."

"I know and I want to work them out. I have to now if I am ever going to have the life I really want."

"That would be?"

"To be Jason's wife and partner."

Emily sat in the cafeteria, she felt empty. She knew Jason was falling for Janice. The more she saw it happening the more empty she felt. Jason's heart was no longer hers and it never would be again. It belonged to Janice now. Emily sighed and pushed her tray away. She didn't feel much like eating. She wished she couldv'e given Jason what he needed but she couldn't. Now that he had what he deserved she was envious. Stacey was right she liked having that power with Jason but now she was alone, really alone. She wasn't sure where to go or what to do next.

He spent the whole day thinking of her. He got his work done but he didn't dive deep into as he normally did. Instead janice remained constantly in his thoughts. He couldn't wait to get home and hold her, make love to her. His world had changed, forever.

She watched the sunset. She knew saying anything to Jason wouldn't matter. In fact for the first time in a very long time janice actually had a passion for someone. If Jason could reach her grandaughter in that way who was she to speak out? No Janice had a purpose, desire and passion. She was alive not just numb. She saw Jason's car but headed home. She felt it best to leave them alobne for now.

Sweat poured off his body and the most beautiful woman in the world was glistening with it. He wanted more, more than this, more than was humanly possible. All he could do was give her all he was and all he could. He was wrapped up in her, consumed by her. His passion, his desire, his heart all belonged to her. He could never let her go. Not even Emily had affected him like this. No this was animal but not without completeness. The woman who he was joined with was a part of him in ways he never imagined were possible. In a manner that could not be defined by mere words. This drove deep into a part of his soul that he never knew existed until now. Her touch, her smell and her passion fulfilled needs he never knew he had. She was not just his world, she was his universe. He couldn't stop loving her no matter what and he knew he would be incomplete without her. He vowed to help her heal all her wounds and do all he could to complete her as she completed him. They continued making love most of the night, neither wanting to stop until the physical demands became more than they could handle. Then they slept with her head on his chest and his arm around her. Both slept in a peace neither had known for years.

(To Be Continued.)

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