Part Two  

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Part Two


It was nearly four-thirty in the morning before Emily finally released Janice. Another problem was Janice was heavily dosed with pain medication and could barely do anything.

Jason realized he would have to carry her limp body into his house and put her into bed. He looked at her bandaged feet and realized she would not be able to take a shower for awhile either. He would have to rig straps in the bath tub to keep her feet out of the water.

He also knew she would have to use his mother's old room as it was already built to accomodate the wheel chair bound. His mother had developed a rare condition and had deteriorated rapidly, physically. Her mind remained sharp and focused till she died and the proud and stubborn woman would rarely allow anyone to assist her. Jason had the room built especially for her so that she could keep as much independence as possible. It wasn't until her last two months of life that Jason was forced to hire a full time care specialist. He had mostly avoided the room since she died having only gone into for a legitimate need and then only two or three times since.

Janice wasn't asleep in the passengers seat but she wasn't coherent either. She garbled some words occasionally but nothing intelligible. Jason was concerned for her but he knew Emily was a proficient doctor and would make sure that Janice was able to actually handle leaving the hospital before releasing her.

He pulled into his driveway and found Mrs. Wilkens and someone else already waiting for him. He shook his head. He figured they were there to take Janice back to her apartment. He got out and walked over to them.

"Janice can't stay in her apartment as she is going to have to use a wheel chair to get around for awhile." He stated before they had a chance to say anything.

"Well she can't stay with you Jason." Mrs Wilkens replied.

"Why not? She can use my mother's old room and you can come over and take care of her."

The old lady sighed. "Jason do you know that Janice has severe emotional problems?"

"No I didn't but that has nothing to do with her staying here. It really is the best place for her right now."

"Jason you should know that Janice was when she was ten by her mothers boyfriend at the time. She has had issues since. She likes men but she can't trust them. She has been unable to have a real relationship of any sort with any man since. Not even friendship."

"So you take care of her and I stay away from her. Not an issue since I ussually stay upstairs anyway."

"You I don't think will be a problem there. She on the other hand..."

"She won't be able to get to me, at least not for a good long while so again it won't be an issue."

The woman sighed again. "you are not going to take no for an answer are you?"

"Nope and you know I'm right. I'm gone all day anyway and I usually don't get home till late most of the time and you have always known how I like to walk the beach so I doubt we will have any real problems. If you want I can get a in house nurse to keep tabs on her."

The old lady smiled. "That won't be necessary Jason."

"So she stays?"

"She stays."

Jason handed his house key to Mrs. wilkens and went to go get Janice out of the car and carried into his house and put her into bed.

"I will be back in the morning." Mrs. Wilkens stated as she tried to hand the house key back to Jason.

"Keep the key. You will need it."

"Very well." She said.

Emily sat at the coffee shop finishing her breakfast. She was trying to figure out what it was about Janice that had bothered her. What did she care if Jason and her got together. Then it dawned on her, despite what had happened five years ago Jason had always loved her. They had been together since Junior High and were married for three years. The reality is that Emily knew that she had always been the only woman Jason had loved. Even though she honestly could not reciprocate that emotion to him she always felt comfort in knowing how he felt about her.

Janice was a danger to that comfort. She saw in Janice the potential to finally take Jason away from her forever. She was jealous of Jason and somewhere deep inside she did not want Jason to be with another woman, at least not emotionally. Janice was a threat to her status with Jason. Emily just put her head into her hands and shook her head.

He over slept. Not surprising really. He heard noises downstairs and he went to see what was going on. He found Mrs. Wilkens in his kitchen cooking breakfast.

"Aren't you going to be in trouble for being late to work?" She asked.

"Hardly, since I own the company."

"Well Jason all I can say is it sure must be nice."

"Not really this is the first time I have slept in, in months. Last night was the most excitement I have had in a couple of years."

Mrs. Wilkens watched him as he poured his coffee and added his cream and sugar. He was tall, six foot one or so. He wasn't an athlete but was in good shape. His hair was well groomed and neatly cut. He dressed casually but nice. Not many people knew he was worth a few million dollars. He didn't look or act like a millionaire, he was just an average man with an average life. Some of the money had been from his family but the truth was Jason had tripled that on his own accord. If Janice did not have such emotional issues she would have no problem with Jason and Janice getting together.

He was a high spirited youth in his day but nothing really destructive. In all honesty his pranks were very often hilarious. Though his victims did not think so. How many haloweens had he made the neighborhood the place to be. To this day he would fund a local haunted house for the neighborhood children to enjoy. He was a nice guy who didn't deserve to be alone. Janice was a nice girl who deserved to be loved but wouldn't allow herself to be. The old woman shook her head life was anything but fair.

Jason finished his coffee put the cup in the sink and left for his office.

She awoke and realized she wasn't in the hospital anymore. She did notice she wasn't in her house either. She looked down and saw the bandages on her feet and remembered what had done yesterday. She also remembered the man who had to rescue her.

It was strange and comforting thing to be held and carried by him. She felt safe, honestly safe, and never before had she felt like that with another man. Not since... She let the thought go not wanting to remember it.

Her grandmother then came in carrying a tray with the smell of bacon and eggs with pancakes wafting through the air. She was hungry.

"Where am I?" Janice asked.

"You are in Jason Rogers' house. After he brought you back from the hospital he insisted you strayed here because of the fact you will have to use a wheel chair for awhile."

"That's Jason Rogers? I had no idea."

"Janice you're not fooling me."

"Seriously I had no idea that was him. I remember him of course but that was a long time ago when I had a little girl crush on him."

"You didn't climb down in there just to meet him?"

"No I was honestly wondering what was there. I had no idea what would happen climbing down those rocks."

"Obviously, Jason said the doctor wants you off those feet for at least a month and she will come and check on you."

Janice just laid there thinking. So it was the boy she had a crush on so many years ago that had rescued her. It was still strange how she felt in his arms. He was different in how he looked at her. Obviously he was attracted to her but did not leer or take advantage of the opportunities he had. He had grown into a very handsome man.

"Janice what are you thinking?"

"just that it is odd that he was the one who rescued me."

"Janice you know you need to deal with your issues before you even think about him."

"Grandma! I was not thinking about him like that."

"Janice I know you to well and even if you weren't you would've soon."

Janice just frowned because she knew her grandmother, as usual, was right.

He entered his office to find Debbie waiting for him. He rolled his eyes before she could see him. Everytime she came to his office there was an issue. Today he did not need one.

"You're running late today."

"I was with a neighbor at the hospital till 4:30 this morning. What do you want Debbie?"

"Well I am here to make sure the finacial audits are correct."

"Why do you do this? This is a privately owned company. I have no board of directors or investors to answer to. So I don't need financial audits."

"Well Jason look at the amount of money you deal with."

"Which is why I have a business banking account. I have 2 outside CPAs and a yearly book audit by a finance company done so I have a clean finacial accounting system."

"You are not the sole owner of this company.?

"Debbie you have a five percent stake and that was only because when I bought this company from your father he wanted to make sure you had money. Your profit check goes up every month and you get a complete business report including the book balances every six months. There is no shenanigans going on. So what else is it?"

She looked at him. She wanted to tell him that she loved him but she knew it wouldn't matter. She had tried many times to seduce him to no avail. Only Emily ever seemed to have any affect on him and now that she was a out of the closet lesbian Jason just acted like an automoton. Debbie knew she wasn't the only woman interested in Jason but she also knew that no woman could get to him either. At least not any she had seen try.

Emily woke up in a sweat. She had been dreaming about Jason and Janice. Her fears and her jealousy were more than she could handle. She had no right or business feeling this way. She had left Jason broken hearted and alone to persue her interests. So what was it that made her leary of Janice. What was it that Emily saw in her that made her think that Jason would finally move on and be with another woman emotionally.

she took a shower and dressed. This bothered her and she needed to go talk to someone.

He arrived back at his house to find Mrs. Wilkens sitting outside.

"I don't know who is more stubborn, you or my grandaughter."

"Meaning?" He replied.

"She won't admit it but she has a crush on you again. Then there's your 'Knight in Shining Armor' thing and that sure as hell doesn't help."

jason smiled. "I'm just being a good neighbor. I do not have any armor nor do I have a white horse."

She shot the younger man a dry look. "Don't get smart with me Jason."

"Moi?" He sad putting his hand on his chest.

"Just watch yourself Jason."

"You said that yesterday."

"I know."

She got up. "I need to go home. Is there a TV you can put in Janice's room? She really has nothing to do. That will help her."

"I have one I can put in there."

Mrs. Wilkens walked away without saying another word. Jason just shook his head, She was one strange lady.

He pulled the TV out of the closet and took it into the room where Janice was staying. He then hooked it up and turned it on to make sure it worked then brought Janice the remote control.

"Thank you." she said as he handed it to her.

"You're welcome." He replied as she took his hand. She pulled him down and for some odd reason he didn't fight her when she kissed him. Though he expected a peck on the cheek she kissed him full on the lips. He could smell her again and that combined with the kiss made him get lost in the moment. He enjoyed it and for a moment he felt happy.

She felt safe, wanted and special. She had never had that before and she wanted more. She became highly disappointed when he pulled away from her

He smiled and turned away. He walked out of the room and she just stared at the doorway for a few minutes.

"Its about the power." Stacey told her.

"What power?" Emily asked.

"As long as Jason loves you and no one else you have power over him. Whether you use it or not is not the issue, because I know you don't. However, somewhere inside of you there's that part which likes having that. Now that this Janice girl is suddenly in the picture you're position of power is now threatened and that bothers you."

Emily looked at her coffe cup. "I have no right to feel this way."

"You're human and part of it is the fact that he is the only man you have ever been with and that makes it hard to let go."

"He deserves to be with someone. I have no business trying to hold on to him in any matter."

"Not the point. You have a dark side in you that likes having that power over him and it doesn't want to lose it."

"So what do I do?"

"That I can't answer. What you need to ask yourself is what do you want to do?"

He stared at his ceiling from his bed. Jason could not get that kiss out of his mind. He wanted more, much more. Though he knew Janice's plight and would not allow it he found himself in a whirlpool of emotional and physical desire. He had never wanted to amke love to anyone since Emily left him but now...

He sat up and shook his head. He needed to clear his mind badly. He grabbed his jacket and headed for the beach.

She watched him as he walked down the street from her window. She could see it had happened. Somehow Janice had gotten to him. She couldn't explain how she knew she just did and Mrs Wilkens knew he was bothered by it. She shook her head sadly, poor Jason. It was to late and despite any warnings he had been taken in by Janice's charms.

She looked out over the ocean as the wind blew her hair. She didn't mind it whipping about her face. It was oddly comforting in its own way.

"I'm surprised to see you here."

She jumped at the sound of Jason's voice. "I needed to think."

"Odd how all the gang keeps coming back to this spot to gather their thoughts." Jason replied.

"This ocean is a part of us. We are a part of it as well. I doubt anything could ever separate any of us from it."


She turned to him and he noticed she had been crying. Despite what happened three years ago Jason still loved her dearly. He knew her well and wasn't a bit surprised when she told him she was gay. He had suspected such but hoped he was wrong. He was crushed by her admission and then leaving him. He also knew she had never forgiven herslf for what she had done to him.

"I'm sorry Jason. I should have realized long before we were married that I was a lesbian. I saw all the signs but I ignored them. I should never have allowed you to get as close to me as you did and I should never have hurt you like that."

"I have forgiven you Emily, when will you forgive yourself? Yes I love you, I have always loved you. Probably always will in someway, but I know you can never give me that kind of love back. I accept that and I don't hate you for it."

She wrapped her arms around him and began balling. "Its not just that. Its that girl you brought in last night. I am already jealous of her. I can't stand the idea of you being with her and yet I know I have no right to feel that way." She said sobbing into his chest.

"Why Emily?"

"Because even though I am what I am I couldn't help but feel comforted in the idea that I was the only woman you loved. She is a threat to that and I know it."

Jason just held her as she cried. Emily was always a complex person. She often had emotional struggles and battles with herself. He was fully aware she had never let go of him either. She couldn't till she learned to forgive herself.

"Well just so you know Janice had a very traumatic experience as a child and has a lot of emtional issues from it. I doubt there could ever be anything between us because of it."

"What happened?"

"I'm not at liberty to discuss it further. Mrs. Wilkens may but I won't."

Emily just held on to him. She hadn't seen Mrs. Wilkens in many years, though it may be a good idea to renew old aquaintences.

She walked into Janice's room to find her grandaughter watching TV and pretty much bored out of her skull.

"How are you doing?"

"Fine grandma, but I hate this. I don't like being cooped up."

"You did this to yourself. Just be thankful that Jason is enough of a humanitarian to allow you to stay in his house. He was right about the fact that there was no way you could stay in your studio apartment in this condition."

"He is being very kind isn't he?"

"Janice do not take advatage of his kindness?"

"I'm not, or at least trying not to."

The elder woman shook her head knowing full well that somehow, someway her grandaughter had indeed affected Janice and oddly enough he seemed to have influenced her as well. The woman had lived many years and could see the signs. She only hoped Jason had enough sense to keep things in control. Though Janice seemed to have the ability to make men get stupid.

(To Be Continued)

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