way to end a good year part 5  

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12/1/2005 6:57 am

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way to end a good year part 5

felt a wet tongue on my pussy, i looked down and see thomas parting my legs, palm squeezing my butt and his tongue teasing me. i smiled at him and move my hands on my baby's hard dick...man! you guys do have hard dicks in the morning always!i started to stroke his cock as he woke up from his rest. i get high when thomas put his finger stirring my g spot and teasing my clit. my baby sat up as i move in to suck him.

i got up and ride my baby as thomas position his hard cock into my arse. MOAN!! god! i got so high and scream!! i could have another man's dick on my mouth with this position! thomas thrusting his long cock into me, i rode on my baby as he suck on my tits..i was screaming at the top of my voice. just then, thomas took off his condom and shot his cum onto my face...love the smell of sperm. my baby sat up and i swallow his cum...a mouthful....hmmm...

hmmm...loved an occasional morning sex...i got up and head over to the bathroom along with these two men. totally naked in the bathroom. i brushed my teeth and kneel down to have two limp cocks in front of my face...both in my hands, i stroked them hard..loved it when i have the power to make them grow long and hard and wanting... well the rest is up to your imagination...two hard rod enough to hold towels...heehee...

after that, it was time to say good bye..we had our fun together and i can said i was shagged by my ex boss along with my hubby...what a life! wow!

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