way to end a good year part 2  

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11/17/2005 11:43 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

way to end a good year part 2

was a wild ride in the car i must say. thanks god for tinted glass...heehee.

got into the lift up to the suite, i was kissing my baby passionately while thomas' palm was under my dress massaging my tight butt and teasing my pussy. got me all wet and hot, my breast felt as if it is swell up and my nipple hard and pointy. stumbled into the suite that was going to the place to get fucked everywhere in there. huge glass window with a view of another hotel. a beautiful bathroom, roomy and definitely a good place to sit on the sink and get licked! a king size bed, a separate room with sofa and study...hmmmm...what a place! my imagination are running wild and i was whispering to my hubby what i have in mind and he smiled.

we got cosy, took off my Donna Karan black dress and got into the shower cubicle, turn on the warm water and wet my hair. my baby join me in follow by thomas. both with hard rods that can hang towels on them...they started washing my body, my massging my head and hair, one of thomas' palm was on my pussy teasing as i let off a moan. both breasts are being suck by two men while i am stroking both of them hard. i kneel down and have two dicks at my mercy..sucking them endlessly...slurp slurp. two huge cocks in and out of my mouth, deep throat!!i got up and bend over while my baby dogged me and i have thomas' dick in my mouth...it was a quick pump and they dried me up..led me to the bed and got all hot on the huge and soft bed. i positioned myself to a 69 with thomas licking my sore pussy and i am sucking his dick. my hubby was kneeling in front of me with his dick at my face...again i have two dicks, exchanging each cock to suck. Thomas is great with his tongue, he was fingering me and i felt a climax within minutes! i suck on his balls and stroked both dicks with my hands. i got up and ride on thomas after he puts on protection and have my baby's dick on my mouth. i lean back against thomas chest and my baby thrust his cock into my pussy and thomas dick in my arse...extremme pleasure. both were riding hard i guess i came 3 -4 times in that position. they switched place and i was on my four with my babyon the bed and thomas dogging me...he was pumping like there is no tomorrow. his thighs were slapping against my butt..it made me wild. after an hour in 4 different position,i think...my baby came in my pussy and thomas came on my face as i suck his cock hard. i love the feel of cock ejectulating on my pussy..the muscles contracts and expand...the while dick grow bigger!... what a shag! i cannot even recall how many i came! god! all tired but happy..my pussy is so warm..it does hurt a little when i washed it... have my baby inthe shower again..both of us kissing passionately whispering loving words and i blow him again!just for teaser. all cleaned and i stumbled on the bed with them naked side by side for a quick nap...looking forward to the next shag!

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