one of the way to end a good year!  

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11/14/2005 11:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

one of the way to end a good year!

great weekend! am still dazed with two great men hovering all over me and giving me all their attention. muack ! thanks thomas and i love you my hubby.

started off with a nice italian dinner at a quiet corner far end of bukit timah road. cosy joint and nice looking people enjoying their meals and company...many men would be wondering whether i will get lucky looking at their horny face. probably have condoms in their pockets or car. well, i am sure i will be very sat my hubby, my love with his hard cock standing while i stroke him under the table. after a glass of wine, i am all warmed up and getting horny...hmmm..the mood was right to be gang bang if there were any..i could take them all....a good number 6 pax will definitely get me very busy all night along. but i have two good looking men with me now. i have dress pulled up to get my legs all spread for my love to tease and finger me...a light appetitizer for the night. i have nothing underneath my donna karan black number..just feeling the silk fabric brushing against my body and my hard nipples were clearly pointed..much to the delight of many men here.

my hubby excused himself as he spotted a girlfriend and urged thomas to move to his seat. when he came back, thomas' hard dick was already out of the cage and in my hand...squeezing and stroking. i can feel the heart beat and his vein as i grab it and stroking it up and down. he has his big palm on my right breast, squeezing and massaging it..i let off a moan........

we decide it was time to go back to Conrad for more fun and walk towards my baby new black lexus GS. he positioned Thomas to the back seat and said i should sit behind with we drove off, the actions started... i took out thomas hot dick and slip it into my mouth... i was right his big cock is definitely enough to fill my mouth.. he undress me to my waist exposing my bosoms and suck on my nipples. it got a little wild as i rode on him and moaning aloud. mu hubby was giving directions on how i should be fucked, he enjoyed every minute of me riding thomas. afterwhich i took thomas' dick in my mouth and swallowed his cum..hmmm...tasty. half naked i climbed over to the front seat and suck on my baby's hard 9 inch cock as he drives....some lucky bastards could have seen me half naked as we drove past them...heehee. ...hmmmm... he came in my mouth...two cum for be continued

.......being showered by two men with hard rod that can hang towel on it...yes!

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