a wild weekend with my ex boss, my hubby ...surprise surprise....his american girlfriend  

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2/6/2006 8:35 am

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4/28/2006 3:43 am

a wild weekend with my ex boss, my hubby ...surprise surprise....his american girlfriend

was chatting with two guys on afternoon to kill the boredom..nice chaps i must say though one seems to be a little pushy and "desperate".

at that moment, my baby came back to change for he has a dinner appointment with his overseas supplier. he said he will join us after he is finished with the meeting and head over Conrad. he insisted that i go ahead first to have dinner with thomas and have some "foreplay" as he put it to warm up. he knows me well and he is open to me seeing thomas alone since he knows him "pretty well". i disconnected my chats with the guys and head to the bedroom when he came out naked as usual to get dressed. i kneel down and had him in my mouth, teasing his balls and sucking it deep as he moans. advise to couple.....your man should always get the best if you wan to play the field.

he had his hand on my head as he push me to suck him deeper....am in the mood for some rough play today. he was high but he stopped me half way as he wanted to wait till tonight. i got up , kissed him before headin to bath as he headed out to pick up his supplier at Fullerton.

i step in the shower, horny and touching myself as the water falls and rolls down my body...dried up and lay out the outfit that i will be wearing tonight and picked out a white lacy G and a white color cheong sam with some embroidery details just right below the knee ( something like a tea dress). it fitted perfectly as i looked at my mirror...hmmmm. they will love this!

headed out in a cab to meet thomas but decided to ask him out to a lingerie shop at Wheelock place to get some new set of lacy stuff..just to tease him, getting dressed and having him peeking in seeing me...heehee. a real turn on for men to see us in lingerie especially in a shop with the presence of customers. he had a hard on and i tease him and rubbing his crotch. the staff would probably think we are couple. just then he mentioned he has a "close" friend that follow him on holiday and staying with him in the hotel. it was to my surprise for he did not mentioned anything before. anyway, he wanted to get something nice for her as well and i selected a red hot item just for her. she is out shopping and will be back around 11.00 as she wants to meet up with some friends.

well, we had our fun and it was already around 8.30, so we decided to have dinner and thomas suggested we dine-in in the room. he could call for room service and we can have the luxury and comfort of eating alone and a great view thru the hotel window. well. it was definitely a great idea..knowing his intention and i just play along his game.

back in the room, we ordered some light meal and some ice cream to tease the taste buds. we decided to slip the card key just under the door so that my hubby can pick it up and enter on his own...deep in me, i wanted the excitement of getting caught being fucked by a man as he enters the room....message me about the key and while waiting for the food to come, we decided to dip ourselves in the tub filled with bath salt...hmmm. nice and warm and we submerged our bodies and begin rubbing one another. touching our bodies, stroking our thighs, massaging our necks and my breast and i have his hard cock in my hands. squeezing and stroking it up and down. water was splashing out of the tub and i stroked his cock harder and harder...he stood up and my lips touches his cock head, feeling his heartbeat as i have his huge cock in my mouth, he was enjoying the moment as he held my head closer and closer. just then, he wanted to penetrate me without any protection...i am sorry baby! rules are rules...only my hubby can feel the inner wallsof my vagina with his bare dick head...heehee.

we were teasing one another, touching and playing without any penetration yet. it was wild and a sensational feeling. the HIGH was there...when you wanted to cum but try not to...it both torturing and pleasure.

all wrapped up in our robes, sat on the king sized bed to taste the food and chocolate ice cream that we ordered.... cheeky as he is, he scooped some ice cream and begin smearing on my breast as he lick and suck my nipple. the coldness makes my nipple so hard and he bites on it...god! love my nipples being bitten! he spread my legs and apply the ice cream onto my pussy and lick it off....it was exciting and COLD!!he fingered me as he licks the ice cream off and tease me with an ice cube in his mouth. i did the same and had a ice cube in my mouth as i suck his cock. he squirmed in pleasure and i gave him a hard blow. we positioned in 69 and lick the hell out of one another...the taste of semen flowing out as i teased his cock head...i spread my legs for his tongue to penetrate my vagina. guess we could not wait anymore with the foreplay and he had his condom on as i stood up and prepare to ride him on the bed....i could feel his thick cock forces its way into my wet pussy, the wall expanded as it thrust in. i screamed with ecstasy. it was louded! i rode him hard with his hand on my breast squeezing...i wanted rough play tonight and i am getting it....just at that moment, my hubby came in...........

hockey609 51M
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2/6/2006 3:05 pm

I just found your blog today. Wow, what a great story as an introduction. I hope to read more of your stories

rm_wenchang1966 46M
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2/7/2006 5:44 pm

TastyKunt, it is very hot story, is it yours experience?

Mizzy25367 49M
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3/10/2006 10:01 pm

Plez continue some more..I am craving to read more....,.....thanks

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