Hot January Night  

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1/20/2006 1:30 am

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Hot January Night

It was a mad rush both at work and at play last evening. had to complete my proposal and meet up with my hubby to have dinner with a young Asian couple that we met a while back. headed out to a nice japanese restaurant and had a lot of fun chatting, teasing and flirting with one another.

she is a korean chinese with beautiful sharp features ( god knows from which side?)and he is a Chinese, born and bred right here. speaks fluently and has a great sense of humour. guess we charged the sexual electricity in the air. Definitely strong chemistry and sparks rubbing off one another as we head to their place along siglap area. nice quiet apartment with a good view of the clear sky.

my baby massaged my neck and stroke my back while we seated ourselves on the couch. my legs crossed but rubbing between the thighs...hmmmm... getting high, wet and wanting. more wine were poured and music in the background. romancing more with one another, caressing and making physical contact every now and then, we were getting comfortable with each other.

my hands on my baby's crotch , rubbing the fabric of his pants and feeling the hardness of his erected dick. his hands were grabbing my breast while the other in between my thighs, stroking and squeezing them intensely. a peek at the other couple sitting across us .... the guy has his mouth on his gal's exposed left breast while grabbing and holding them to his teeth. she has his cock out of his pant and stroking it up and down...hmmmm... looks tasty and thick!at that moment on, the game began. i dropped my dress on the floor with only my g string on, having my baby's dick in my mouth while he tease my clit filled with tasty juice. she was watching us as she move to spread her legs exposing the lovely pussy, clean shaven and raw pink lips as he taste her juice. we move to their bedroom and occupied the king size bed and started feeling one another. i have my hand on his hard thick cock while he licked her, she was sucking my baby's long dick, going deeper and deeper as my baby expressed pleasure. he loves a deep throat. we exchanged partners and doing a 69 as i have my mouth swallowing his cock while he tease my pussy. she was kneeling her pussy on my baby's face and caressing her bosoms as she screamed and cum. god! she can really scream ...we love screamers! she continued to kneel while my baby positioned himselfin front of her as she suck him and played with his balls, his hands were pushing her head to go faster and deeper...hmmmm. iwas busy teasing his dick head and squeezing his balls as he moaned in pleasure. i could feel his head thicken and his shaft stiffen in my mouth as i continue to sucking it in and out. a fresh taste of semen flows from the tip and i slip it in my mouth. just then, i turn my attention to my baby and share his dick with her. two tongues licking the head and sharing a good suck. her hands moved to touching mine as i stroked her pussy...she is damn wet!

it was time to get FUCKED! slipping in the protection, my baby was the one who thrust into me in my favorite doggy position. slow and continous pumping into my itching cunt! i came in a few thrust. the foreplay was extremely intense and long lasting. i moved him under me while my baby continue to thrust and have him in my pussy while my baby switched to anal.i SCREAMED in estacy!he have his mouth on my full bosoms as he thrust up. two hot rods! i am filled! she watched and i know she wants the same for her. she switched position while he lay on his back, she climb into position with her back on her babe and facing my baby, she parted her legs as my baby sticked her cock into her pussy and her babe has his cock in her anal. her face was flushed red as she let off a loud moan and digged her nails into my baby's arms. she drew blood! as the thrusting got faster and thicker, her scream got louder and louder, i could just cum hearing her scream. they separated from their position and we got into one to one hard core fucking. he laid me his back while i ride him hard. i could see his face and he is trying to hold back cumming. his hands were grabbing my ass and feeling my breasts as i rode on me. my baby dogged the gorgeous babe,holding her back up against his front, hands on her breast and teasing her clit and kissing her neck. we moved into the good old missionary position and feel the hard cock parting our lips and deep hard thrust began. his chest was on my breast as i wrapped my legs around his back to feel him deeper. his face next to mine,his hands under my back and he started to move deeper and faster. i felt his arms muscle tighten and his ass tighen as he pump me harder and harder. i was moving my body to his rhythm and came twice. it was intense!
my baby had her babe splitting her legs and exposing her raw pussy and he thrust full force while holding her ankles. you can hear the slapping of the flesh as he thrust his long cock in her. she had her hands on his waist and pulling him closer and closer. the whole bed was moving and it could collapse any moments. it was totally wild!

i wanted the taste of fresh sperm so i had him pumped all the way till he was so high that i got up, took the condom out and suck him deep. his cock harden like concrete and out come the fresh smell and taste of sperm on my mouth and face. teasing the big red head with my tongue and rubbing it on my lips and gave it a final hard suck! his cock went limp in my mouth. i had my feeling....please sir! can i have more??

my hubby was screwing his babe wild. have her up riding him hard as he sucked on her cute tiny nipples on a B cup breast. my baby laid her down, moved me to position my sore pussy on her face, she licks me while he fucked her deep. it got faster and faster and my baby took his cock out, ripped off hos condom and shot his cum into both our faces. she was panting as she tasted his cock head with his cum flowing out. she smiled and french kissed me, grabbed my breasts and wanting moree...god! horny girl...heeheee. my baby slumped on the bed totally satisfy. gave a high five to me as i laid beside him. it was great!

though we are very selective with our choice sex is definitely worth it. it must have the Oomph! we rested a while, cleaned up and hanged around for an hour and head back home.

are we seeing one another again? DEFINITELY.

till next time my dear friends, happy clean fun!

adultfriendlee2 39M
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1/21/2006 12:05 am

Hi tastykunt,

Can i chat u or email u?

Hope to hear form u soon....

sorrie i can't contact u directly cos I am a standard member

rm_tastyKunt 49M/F

1/21/2006 7:42 am


cum chat with me and my baby if he finds the time.

rm_wenchang1966 46M
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1/22/2006 6:11 pm

Don't want to talk with you but only want to fuck you.

rm_tastyKunt 49M/F

1/22/2006 11:18 pm

wait long long

rm_wenchang1966 46M
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1/23/2006 5:10 pm

Why? my dear, I love your pussy.

mzahid_me 38M
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2/12/2006 2:34 am

we wish we could meet you

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