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2/21/2006 5:49 am

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Sex Aids

Millions of men spend untold of amounts of money on sexual aids every year. Herbs, vitamins, creams, rubs, cock rings, penis pumps. Why do we buy them? And we are buying them, because it's a multi-million dollar a year industry.

Some of us want to increase size, while others want to increase duration. Some just want to sit for hours and rub cream on it, I guess. For whatever reason, it may be doing more harm than good.

Herbal mixtures that claim to increase size are medically unsubstantiated, and since they're not FDA regulated, don't have to say if they may contain anything that could be dangerous (unless it's ephedra based, which many are). It they are intended to increase the duration of an erection, it's a safe bet they're doing it through constriction of the blood vessels, and raising your blood pressure in the process.

Penis pumps actually have a medical use, and are even covered by some insurance plans and medicare
for sexual dysfunction. Yes, if you are on medicare, they will actually pay for your penis pump if you can't get it up. Penis pumps were originally intended as a device to aid, not in bigger erections or penis enlargement, but for men who could not get an erection. They use vacuum pressure to bring blood into the penis, thereby inducing the erection so a man can then immediately have sex before losing the erection.
Their use will not increase penis size, and can actually lead to a condition whereby the man can no longer get an erection without it. You think it's a hassel having to reach for a condom in the middle of sex, try that one.

Ah, my favorite, the cock ring. If I had my way, the inventor of this device would have his balls set on fire, and be forced to stamp it out with his own shoes. Cock rings will increase the firmness and duration of an erection. They will also cause severe damage to your penis. And I don't mean, "if used improperly"; somewhere, sometime, your dick will eventually become severly injured if you are using one. There is a serious condition called peronie's disease/syndrome that can, and probably will, result from using a cock ring. Without getting too technical (look it up and read about it), what happens here is your dick will develop hard lumps, possibly resulting in severe curvature and deformity. It can even be quite painful, especially if you're trying to have sex with your dick bent ninety degrees. The condition will eventually go away of it's own accord, but will leave you forever susceptible to a recurrance if you reinjury mr. happy.

As for those numbing creams that you see, they often contain a benzocain derivitive. I'm not sure that a woman would appreciate your using this, as I would imagine that if used improperly she might become numb as well. I'm reminded of an episode of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' when Larry used a special condom that was coated on the inside with this stuff. However, he accidentally put it on inside out, causing his wife to lose all feeling in her vagina.

Guys, we all feel inadequate at one time or another. But, there's no reason to go out and spend money on something that doesn't work, or is dangerous. I don't know if size matters or not, and I don't care. If your woman tells you your dick is too small, then date a smaller woman (size is relative, right?).

WildChild5884 32F

2/22/2006 2:41 am

It's the same effect as some products that are targeted toward women..The almighty dollar is a powerful motivator to feed on peoples perceived insecurities.. I agree with you on most of it though, but as long as people will buy into it they will happily sell.

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