It is not a level playing field!  

rm_tastee1966 50M
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2/18/2006 9:14 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

It is not a level playing field!

Guys and gals, listen up. Sex is not a level playing field for us. Women are just plain better lovers than men. Some men will raise their eyebrows at this, exclaiming, "oh no, man, I can go all night." Well, bullcrap; you can't. I've yet to ever hear a woman complain that her man can validate such a claim. That would possibly explain all the women on this site looking for that "one in a million". Look, it's like this, we are wired differently.
Men engage in the act of sex for the physical pleasure. Women seek a greater fulfillment. Hence the disparity in the sexes. Men thinks it feels good, women enjoy the feeling that develops from it. A man will say, "oh, baby that feels so good when you do that"; a woman would say something like, "I love the way that makes me feel when you do that." For women, there is an additional plateau beyond the mere physical. And that, for a woman to really get the most out of sex, is what needs to be met.
Huh? Well, how the hell do I do that? Start by engaging in genuine empathetic behavior. Really demonstrate a willingness to share her feelings with her; all the time, not just during sex. Let her know how much you understand and care throughout the day, on a daily basis. Call her twice a day at home or at work just to remind her YOU LOVE HER AND SHE MAKES YOU FEEL COMPLETE; or something like that. Just let her know you are thinking of her.
Women know how to do this, often do this, but men somehow don't realize it. You come home from work, she asks how was your day, blah blah blah. Are you really listening? Because when your woman asks you how was your day, that's your cue to tell her how much better it is now that you are back with her. And then, don't be a dumbass, ask her how her day went. And really engage in some active listening. Who knows, maybe there's some hope for all of us yet.
To quote Red Green, "we're all pullin' for ya"

horatio1815 46M/35F

2/18/2006 1:29 pm

wow, you seem like a really intelligent man. out of interest, how did you come by your opinions, by listening? or by pure logic? i would really like to hear your views on other related subjects, relationship dynamics, opposed just the sex side, for example. oh and by the way, my husband can go 7 hours of quality, mindblowing lovemaking, does that count as all night? maybe i have the one in a million lol

mysteriesofme 44F

2/18/2006 1:48 pm

He can't be real.. someone pinch me... PLEASE!

rm_tastee1966 50M
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2/18/2006 4:21 pm

Hmm, well I would say that 7 hours an evening doeth make. Is that every night? And I have come by my conclusions through a lifelong series of misteps and miscalculations. Needless to say, I learn from my mistakes. I am not the overly sensitive type of guy really. The one tv character I most closely identify with is the dad from That 70's Show. I just know what I know, because it makes life easier than if I screwed things up too bad.

rm_primadulce 57F

3/31/2006 9:21 pm

What you're really saying is that you've learned how to manipulate women, SOME women. Women are good at that because MEN need to hear this kind of stuff. Give me a break. I don't want my man bothering me all day with crap like that. It's good advice in some respects, but did you ever think that some women might not be so consumed with "being complete" and just want to fuck because fucking feels better than anything in the world? And do you really think that we always listen?

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