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12/16/2005 6:42 am

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Well well well.. all of the classes are done for me this semester and I have a few wonderful weeks of relaxation and down time till I step up and take my last 23.. yes 23 hours of college so I can finally graduate. No I am not a masochist.. ok maybe a little bit of one (some people know me too well) .. but alas I want the Dreaded Double Major and the only way to get it is take the 23 hours in my final semester. I figure between that , work (as soon as I find something more then 10 hours a week), and social comitments I should be ready to teach in the fall (or be ready for the looney bin.. both are possibilities LOL )

For those of you who occasionaly like to read these things let me say one thing.. I HATE SNOW!!! its cute to look at, its fun to play in, and makes great christmas cards.. however it is cold, wet, and slippery so unlike sex all it does is leave you with cold chills and not goosebumps..

Oh yea.. I think I forgot to say that people in lafayette are pretty quiet on the message boards. After 4 years of living either in or near lafayette you would think I would be used to it but I am not. We have so many diverse people who are finally free from their parents oppression or even mostly free at the college and yet I am more apt to hear crickets then conversations.

Well I guess while I am ranting and other silly things I should point out that the Colts are 13-0. This is a very good thing and makes me very happy!!

Now if I could only spend more time with the people I care about and making new friends I would be a very happy person indeed. (and learning to use spell and grammer check wouldn't hurt either LOL ).

Anyway Happy holidays all if I don't write some more today or before the 20th when I leave for the warmth of houston for a week.. YUMMY!!

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