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11/3/2005 3:57 pm

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Well I have been on the site for a few days and still trying to decide if I should bother with a membership.. I posted to a few of the "active local groups" and got 55 views and 1 response which leads me to believe that people in lafayette are not very much into adventure or really meeting anyone else unless your a single bi female whit knock out curves and sleep on the first date. Thats said ther eare some wonderful people in the chat rooms I have gotten a chance to to talk to and that for now keeps me on the system reguardless of how bad my luck is..

I do wonder what it is that has caused me not to have much luck or contact outside of the few people I chatted with. I am really starting to wonder if anyone really meets or if this is more like fantacy voyerism or something for people. being a seperated male I know it is the worst thing to be in a comunity that swings because ther eare about 100 of us to that 1 female so I am taking it in stride.. for now LOL .. though if any of you have suggestions on how to increase my chat or fill my evenings or even how to fix myself so I can fill my evenings with more then homework and reading I would be most welcome for the comments.

Well now that I have written War and Peace all over again I am going back to the wonderful world of tyring to find people to chat with on the broken AdultFriendFinder Instant Messenger that I hope they fix before I graduate in May LOL ..

Well if you see me in person feel free to say hi I don't bite often and I am actualoly very descrete when I need to be.

Well back to the real world now..

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