What a woman wants.  

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4/15/2005 1:21 pm

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What a woman wants.

When I was a young lad of 14, I had a paper route like a lot of kids. Well I had this one lady who lived 5 houses down from my house. She was the sexest thing I ever say. Her husband was wounded in the war and couldn't take care of her the way she needed. So one Saturday as I made my rounds collecting my money, she invited me in. Since I played baseball with her son I never gave it much thought. Well to my supprise she was wearing a little nittie, as she bent over the kitchen table to give me some change, I caught a peek at the most perfect ass. I let out a gasp and she just looked and smiled at me. She asked me if I liked what I saw, of course who wouldn't. She treated me to the best blow job I ever had. Best! what am I saying, it was my first and I came within 30 seconds. She said now, now thats not the way to sasitifiy a woman. With that she taught me the fine points of loving a womans body. For the next 15 years she worked on my skills like a pro. I have learned what a woman wants and now at 55 still drive them to the brink. Never do your self first and take at least 30 minute warming her up. then let her body tell you what she wants. You will be much saught after the rest of your life.

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6/11/2007 7:46 pm

I have experienced this man and he had a very good teacher. Never have I had a man who is as unselfish and patient as he is. I was begging for him to fuck me! I go back for more every week! I'll never let him go.

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