More Good News ... Some Things Really Are Genetic  

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9/19/2005 7:34 am
More Good News ... Some Things Really Are Genetic

OK, confession time. Let me stand up for this one. I admit, here in Blogville, in front of thousands...I am a PackRat. Well, sort of.

You see, life is filled with trinkets and misc. goodies that you just cannot find or replace. Therefore, they must be retained. However, the true value of the retainage seems to vary. Especially among the sexes.

I do not make it a point to keep just any old crap. I am not so anal that I have piles of newspapers, balls of twine, plastic boxes with catagorized rubber bands, 2 drawers of twist ties, nor do I save coupons. I only keep the really important stuff.

I have the fender flag that was on my 1967 SS. That was a limited production L88 engine. That was my first new car. Gotta save this sucker. I have the head (no handle) to the biggest ball-peen hammer I have ever seen. This puppy has to weigh at least 5 pounds. Can't find them anymore! I have the original MAC-V-SOG card. Any of the old guys can tell you just how tough those are to find! I have a NEW 54 inch white cloth shoelace. Now I checked on Ebay for one of these...zilch. Not a single one listed. It HAS to be valuable.

I used to think maybe I was a tad strange for keeping these prises. Until last Friday. My brother was unloading a couple boxes from the back seat of his truck. In one of the boxes was a handle and a locking mechanism from what appeared to be an old suitcase. I asked him about them. Yep, from an old suitcase...about 17 yrs old he recalls. I then asked the obvious...why keep them? I got the look. You know the are you STUPID or what?

He replied..."Well, the handle and lock could be put on a nicely crafted jewelry box for example."

Uh huh. A nicely crafted jewelry box. A. my brother has NO daughters. 2 boys. B. my brother builds nothing. Least of all "crafted jewelry boxes". C. my brother BUYS gifts...never builds them. It dawned on me...RackRatism is genetic! It ISN'T my fault! Whew.

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