Hmm, Not sure What the Scoop Is here?  

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3/24/2006 8:30 am
Hmm, Not sure What the Scoop Is here?

As all of you old-timers here in Blogville know...many of my posts are denied. Often it is just some word or phrase that sets off the DENIED alarm in Blogville central.

This time I truly don't get it? I have been denied a gajillion times. The photo I am using is the same one I have used in the past. My baby pic with little Kenny. The conmtyent is an account of my childhood. Hmm...I don't get it.

I am going to TRY and leave the original blog intact as a comment. Any help advising me as to how I might mend my sinful ways will be appreciated.

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3/24/2006 8:32 am

My Childhood Wearing Orthopedic Underwear Sucked!

I have taken the liberty of posting my 1 year birthday photo. Facially I look pretty much the same.

I was born with phallus elongus girthus maximus. A rare condition affecting mostly us inbred types, where the male member grows to adult size and then the body catches up. Of course, in my case, the body surpassed it by a lot in adulthood.

It was difficult growing up with this condition. I remember when I was 21. Nowadays they warn you that an erection lasting more than 4 hours requires medical attention. Back then you just duct taped it to your chest and kept on working. Who knew?

I remember getting worried about it after 3 or 4 days. It was the early 70s and I figured there had to be some miracle drug to reduce the swelling, so I went to the ER. A nurse came in and asked what was the problem? I dropped my pants and explained that it's been this way for 4 days and no matter what I do it won't go away. "What can you give me for it?" I pleaded.

She said, "Seven bucks, a credit card, and my watch."

It hasn't been easy being me. When I was a baby my parents used to slip a Chinese finger cuff over little Kenny and put the other end on the handle of the refridgerator rather than hire a baby sitter. Then they'd get mad at me for dragging the fridge out into the yard to play.

On the up side...sure got me out of the physical line in a hurry for military registration.
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(What the fuck is this shit..?? *rolls eyes*)

3/24/2006 5:25 pm

Hell if I know whats up their ass's these days. For a long time I haven't had a pic 'casue hell I'm no longer looking and didn't see the need for it. Then I happened upon a Gentlemens pic and it was just a land scape photo and I though cool, I'll do that and get rid of that cut-out pic....NOT I was rejected three times....So not to submit to defeat I found a photo on the inter-net and put the caption that reads "these are not mine" on it and sure as shit it was approved. I think we should pull our money together and buy these jack-ass's a CLUE...Ready please see my blog for further details concerning the NAZIS that operate this site


rm_talldarkavg1 105M
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3/27/2006 10:37 am

Ready I agree...Send me money and I'll take 'er from there.

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