Should it be work?  

rm_talktame44 56M
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2/20/2006 1:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Should it be work?

I've heard it before. You have to work for a good relationship.....really? Work is kinda like a job. Work is something you do not because you want to....but you have to.
Am I niave? Should not expect that there is someone whom I won't have to "work" to be with? That it won't be so draining always having to attend to the needs of that person? Shouldn't it be easy for two people who really want to be with each other? I know we all go thru days when we get many things go on in our lives.....after all the crap.....who wants to "work"? Why can't there be someone I'm so in tune with......that is isn't like work? I'm not saying there are never differences....but I think very few of us ever have people that we can really communicate with.....really talk with that want to hear what we say.....and we hear us. Is it something we expect with time that we'll be taken for granted? Is that how it is? Is even the best of us doomed to that?
Am I just asking too much? hmmmmmmmm......
I wonder.

rm_FreeLove999 46F
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2/20/2006 2:03 pm

hmmm... i always used to agree with this, until the other day as posted on my blog in team spirit. dunno if it will help you...

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