Change....or not?  

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3/5/2006 10:37 am

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4/12/2006 7:16 am

Change....or not?

I read with mild curiosity many blogs. all sorts of entries by men and women. I see many asking what a woman might want. Asking how to win her favors. I wonder.....when you change or alter who you are to meet....are you really presenting a real representation of who you are? And these changes that some you think they're long term or just long enough to reach a goal....that being the person they want to meet? I suppose it's part of game. That game of conquest that men seem to enjoy. I don't know that I've changed for anyone. I present who I am....and hope that simple thing is given me in return. Take me as am....and I'll accept you for who you are.

So many people seem to think the end justify the means. My question is....has anyone ever mis-represented themselves to you? Aside from the porn bots , of course. Said one thing only to be another? It appears for some things I've read that men do it on regular basis. Do women? And when a person you see it as an act of desperation? Is a just part of human Nature? or something other than that?

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