No Good Deed #1 Continued!!  

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11/6/2005 10:24 am

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No Good Deed #1 Continued!!

Okay, where were we? I believe we were on a path and a stranger was approaching as I was getting ready to straddle my companian. Is this correct? It doesn't matter if it is not, because I am going with that!

Okay, as the stranger was approaching, my lover and I froze in our positions. Oncew the stranger spotted us, we noticed it was a younger man, around 20 or 25. He kinda smiled at us and stopped walking. As he stopped, I winked at him and stated that he could watch if he liked. He said, yes, he would like that!

So, with the strangeer watching, I continued to straddle my lover and slowly began to have him enter me. I went slowly, inch by inch. When I reached the bottom of his shaft, i slowly began to rise, again, inch by inch, This time, going down, I also added a twisting motion with the body so it would increase the pleasure inside me.

Once I did the up and down motion for a few times, I lifted up my body slightly and started to massage my clit as I went up and down. With the other hand I reached behind me and underneath my ass until I found his balls. I slightly squeezed them and massaged the taint area. This caused my lover to moan slightly and raise his body up off the ground.

I looked over at the stranger and noticed he was slowly massaging himself through his pants. I than knew that he was turned on by watching me, which made me even hotter. I loved to be watched, and hope that my lover did as well, because he had no choice!

Now, I knew both of them were turned on and enjoying themselves, I leaned into my lover and grabbed both of his hands and put them above his head and started to grind as hard as I could. This caused my to feel him as far as I could, which I love! I moved to his ear and started lightly nibbling it as I whispered sweet fuck words. Of course, this caused him to move and tighten up his body so he could feel all of me as well.

The stranger began to move towards us... I was curious to see what he would try to do and wondered what the reaction of my lover would be...

Okay, that is enough for now... what would you do in this situation? Hope to hear from you soon!



Tone_33756 55M

11/10/2005 5:06 pm

That's a good question.....I'm gonna have to sleep on it

Outstanding blog!

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