rm_talcouple 52M/55F
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8/26/2006 2:24 pm

We had discussed it before....a long time ago before the idea of being a swinger was ever verbalized by either of us. Do you enjoy spanking?.......????????

Of course both of us responded with a defiant "NO"! Spanking is what our parents did to us when we were bad, so of course spanking was not a good thing. . . . . . until........

There was the guy at the swingers club she hooked up with. He did things to her she had never had done before! And she liked it! It was different, and it felt good. He talked dirty to her, some she liked, some she didn't. and then...

While he was doing her from behind, he spanked her. It shocked her, she jolted, it stung, she gasped, and he spanked her again. She moaned, it tingled, he kept fucking her, she liked it.

It is a new sensation, it stimulates her sexually and warms her bottom. Now there is a new term in our sexual play. It comes from the over exuberance of the spanker to please the spankee. Sometimes its just a little redness, sometimes a little welt in addition to the redness, then there's the hand print, and yes there has even been a little bruising. They all get lumped into the same category..."Smack-Ass"

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