She Took My Cherry  

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4/26/2006 6:44 am

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She Took My Cherry

Our first swinger swap, and we lost our swinger virginity. The event was much anticipated with a week long build up of excitement. We met them the weekend before, we hit it off and made plans for the next weekend. We groomed ourselves, made sure our nails were trimmed and smooth, shaved and trimmed all the appropriate body hairs, got a little sun on our bodies and tried to look our best. She was shy to begin with and he was waiting for her to warm up. They were very polite and we gave them the space they needed to be comfortable. We all had a few drinks as the afternoon went on into the evening and she began to warm up. Liquid courage she called it, and it worked for her.

There was some sexy music on and she began to move her hips. I moved with her and my member responded accordingly. The next thing I knew we were making out on the sofa and soon after that off to the bedroom. We took it slow, and made it playful. I enjoyed the touch of her lips on my skin and the feel of a different body rubbing against mine. She smelled different, she tasted different, she felt different and I enjoyed it. She moaned softly, she took quick breaths, she liked long slow strokes. I gave her pleasure, we pleasured each other, we came and we had more pleasure.

When we were done, my wife took me and pulled me inside her. It was very intense. We both came quickly but it was great. We all talked a while, had another drink and went to bed. We had great sex again before we went to sleep. The next day was more great sex and a pleasurable afterglow that lasted all day.

Loosing my virginity was nothing like loosing my swinger virginity. I enjoyed it much more this time.

whatulike2006 44M

4/26/2006 9:04 am

You lucky hound you. Great story.

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