How Not to Pick up Chicks with your Blog and E-mails  

rm_t0nguetied69 45M
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5/21/2006 8:40 am

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5/22/2006 7:00 pm

How Not to Pick up Chicks with your Blog and E-mails

I know I haven't been here very long and I am by no means and expert on the subject of picking up women. But I do know enough to understand that what is going on here is a bit out of touch with reality. I understand that it is a fantasy so to speak and is not truly real. But I read blog after blog written by men that sound incredibly desperate and completely bummed out because women will not respond to their E-mails, Blogs, or IM's.

First off loose the dick pick. If a woman wants to see it she will ask. Be honest and sincere. Don't be desperate or vulgar. Never be rude. Just because some women here are one way does not mean most of them are. The vast majority of them are ladies and not hookers and sluts. Don't confuse them with the other.

Even though this is cyber space there is still a person on the other end of the keyboard that will or will not respond to a something. In a way think of it as a speed dating or busy bar. You have one chance to make a first impression. If you blow it you may never get a chance again. And remember did it ever work for you at any other place to walk up to women pull out your dick and say wanna fuck? Probably not and you never would do it face to face so why do it here and expect a different response.

One of the biggest issues I have read from the women is that nobody reads their profile. Well read it before you write a note. If they take the time to write it, take the time to read it.

IF you don't believe me then you should believe this lady rdy2try4. Read her blog - It is not only entertaining it shows what the real women on here are like. It also tells you the same thing I am telling you.

If you’re not getting any response and you’re getting fed up try to do it in a normal way. Who knows your luck may change and besides what do you have to loose.

GossipJunkie 40F

5/21/2006 10:26 am

Good post. I've seen more than enough blogs stating: horny women here I am...or something along those lines. As if that statement alone is gonna make me jump in my car and go in search of the author.

"Dance like nobody's watching"

rdy2try4 51F  
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5/22/2006 4:18 pm

Thank you totally Tongue!! I appreciate that link and kudos.

I have noted for a while that no women "I" know will truly respond and rush to a guy when *just* because he has a dick. The excuse of "it is a sex site" or the ads of "get laid in 24 hours" truly seem to make some people go suddenly ignorant.

It may very well be a *sex based* site, but it is a DATING site. I myself get 50-75 emails a day and even if they ALL read my profile and matched...there is no way in HELL I am having sex with 50 men a day. Those men that get angry, okay *maybe* they would have sex with *any* woman. But I would bet they would stop at doing a 92 year old woman or something. We ALL have a dislike to something. So to expect women on this site to say *yes* to every guy that asks regardless of location, age, or anything else for that totally STUPID!!!

No where does it say that the women on this site are horny mindless sluts that f*ck at the command of *do me*. I have not met one person on here in 2 years that says she has seriously stopped everything and ran out the door to the arms of a total stranger just because he sent an email saying "I am close and I have a hard on." roflmao. Unfortunately many think *sex site* means just that...we are desperate, will do anything with anyone, and will not care as long as we get a dick rammed in us. OMG...stop smoking that shit and grow up!!! Although there *may* be someone that would do the scenario I just gave...Tongue is not confuse us ALL as being mindless like that.

Truly, we are all different and have different likes and dislikes. Even at the Moonlite Bunnyranch there are women that do some things and some that do others. To expect us on here to ALL do it ALL...come on. READ the profiles. Do not set yourself up for a rejection. Although there may be the one or two that will break their rules, for the most part you are filling our email boxes with worthless emails and nothing more in hopes of a hit. That is kinda desperate don’t ya think?? It is not attractive at all.

Thanks again sweetie...for those that are curious, the blogs are as follows:

1 - BEST Emails...yep, the nice guys of the site of which t0ngue is one of.
2 - Lame, stupid, and just plain got it, the laughter starts here.
3 - A Polite No Thank You can cause won't believe what some guys resort to after hearing no thank you.
4 - Unsolicited HATE emails...these are the worst. People that do nothing but send out nasty emails to people that do not conform to what *they* feel is right. You WILL get angry at this one.

Click here to see them---rdy2try4

Truly, none of this will make a woman change her mind. Being an asshole about it, whining about it, begging even, will NOT make a woman give you something. PLEASE....realize that we are REAL people...treat us as such. You WILL get farther. Good rule t0ngue...don't do what you wouldn't do face to face. No one is going to know you by a penis alone in a restaurant.

rm_t0nguetied69 45M
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5/22/2006 7:00 pm

Well said again - You truly have a handle on this place. Again your Blog is the best reading here. It makes you laugh, cry, and go Hm-mm.

As for the women who will have sex with any man at any time there are sites just for that. They are Escort - Prostitute Boards. Fort he guys who are acting in such a way they can check them out.

Thanks Again Holly

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