My life so far  

rm_syncro92 51M
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6/23/2006 7:19 pm
My life so far

I am not searching for pity or a pat on the back for my life because of what I have failed at. Rather this blog is to confirm who I am and the progress I have made. On July 4 my wife of ten years will be leaving me and taking our two children with her to live on the west coast of Canada. Besides the fact that the loss of my children grieves me, I must console myself in the fact that we will only be separated by distance, for ours is an "amicable" separation. Enough said for now about that. I will have been with her for about 17 years which puts a serious crimp in meeting women for I am now 40. However I will see what type of response this blog creates and while I may not update it everyday, I will get to it at least once a week. I do still have an interest in sex in its varied forms but I'm no loser and still work very hard. I drive a truck through the U.S. mid west and would reply to any women in the area. that all for now keep the shiny side up!

fuck_you_always 54M

6/25/2006 2:41 am

Dude no pity-why mention it then-you are looking for pity, thus a pitiful dude---move on, wake up. I can understand missing your kids-but if she wants no part of you, just walk away and move on. Your kids will always be your kids, a wife may not always be your wife. Now put the kleenex box away and go get them tiger, lolllllllll.

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