True Love!!! Yes or No???  

rm_syboth3173 45M
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3/13/2006 10:51 pm
True Love!!! Yes or No???

Hey all,

Well Im back and truly never thought I would be. I met someone who I truly thought was my true love and I truly believed in her and in us but found out that it was all take and no give.
Why is it that people seem to live just to hurt people to play games? Is it human nature to do so you what? Is there such thing is true love or is one forced to just settle for the closest thing that they can find?
Well I believe that there is such a thing as true love but where and how do you find it?

Let me here you inputs and maybe just maybe I can find my true love.

normalchic 44F

3/14/2006 8:45 pm

I think we have all thought at one time that a certain person was the "one". And, it turns they are the one just the wrong one. I do think that people should hold out for their soul mate. Don't settle, just be patient and it will happen. That is so much easier said than done. Especially when you have 2 tickets to a baseball game or wanting to go camping or a concert and there is noone to go with you. As far as the all take and no give, you are much better off without that person. Just like Christmas and birthdays, it is way better to give than to receive. Hang in there! True love is out there and if it was easy enough to find it, it wouldn't be as special as it will be when you do find it. You will know what you went through to find it and what you will do to keep from loosing it.


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