Excuse me.Do you have the time?  

rm_sxfntsy1 55M
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8/14/2006 4:40 pm
Excuse me.Do you have the time?

As I walk out of the mall,you ask me for the time.I look at your deep blue eyes and know just what you need.As I take your hand you start to pull away,but just as quick,you surrender.As I lead you to the parking garage,you ask where I;m taking you.No answer,we just keep walking.As we arrive at my car,I take you in my arms from behind and gently bite your neck.I know you like...I can see your nipples start to harden.As my rough hands squeeze your breast, you press your ass against my rising cock.God your going to be good.I can't seem to touch you fast enough.I want to feel all of you...I flip your skirt over your tight little ass,a moan escapes your lips.Your panties are dripping with your juices.My finger slips effortlessly inside you.I can't wait any longer.My cock is throbbing as I tease your pussy lips open.You need me inside,but not yet.I rub my swollen cock on your hot little clit just to make you crazy."Fuck me now..."I can resist no longer.I slide inside easily.You're so wet.Your pussy is so hot,I don't want to move.I start to thrust in you slowly, but that's not what you have in mind.You need it hard and deep."That's it ,fuck me,fuck me" you beg.I slam my cock in you deep. I can feel the walls of your pussy gripping my shaft as your orgasm starts to build.your pussy is hungry for a cum,you want it so bad...I can feel you as your orgasm approaches,your so hot."That's it fuck me,fuck me." "Cum with me,cum in me"you beg.I can only obey as your pussy milks my creamy seed from my balls.I knew you'd be good.I slip my finger inside you ,then feed you our cum...Taste great doesn't it.Now kiss me deep,lets share.I release you,and you look so sexy,standing there with your thong around your ankles and cum running down your hot little thighs.I'll remember that picture always.As I turn to leave,I tell you,"sorry ,I don't have the time.I don't even wear a watch."Bye.

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