Thanks AFF!!!!!!!!!! (Great Hook-up)  

rm_swoleclit 37F
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1/3/2006 4:52 pm

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4/11/2006 7:24 am

Thanks AFF!!!!!!!!!! (Great Hook-up)

Yesterday I had a hook-up through AdultFriendFinder that turned out to be AWESOME. At first I was a little apprehensive because she wanted to meet somewhere a little out of my element (A Lesbian Bar. Now true I am bi-sexual, however, i Love a big stiff dick in me more often than not, so I was uncomfortable wit the fact that I could possibly be meeting someone who did not. She told me that she "considered herself BI, but has not been with a man in three ( yes count them THREE) whole years. This too made me a little uncomfy, until she assured me that she wasn't looking for a relationship. SO we were to meet at 9 pm and it was about 8 when i got out the shower and was officially getting ready. Now i have had hook-ups before but never with someone who was just as dominating as myself, i was used to all being submissive so I actually had butterflies.
After putting on my sluttiest pair of g-strings (not thongs) (women actually appreciate that, instead of just trying to pull them off) I decided to wear my hair down, i then slipped on my chocolate brown halter dress (no bra) and my chocolate brown COME FUCK ME KNEE BOOTS that tie in the back grabbed my purse, car keys, and jacket and went out the door.
I parked about a half block away from SISTERS (just in case your looking for a good lesbian bar in Philly) and proceeded to collect my bearings before exiting the car. I checked my face and hair in the mirror and stepped out of the car. I slipped some money lip gloss and one loose car key in my boot and threw everything else in the trunk. While walking to the club, i received nods of approval from every women that passed me by (God I must be in some kind of Lesbian World)all headed to the same place.
Once in there, I sat at the bar and I must say that the place is NICE, it's actually classy and not the hole in the wall that I expected. She told me that I would know it was her by the pink flower she was wearing in her hair. She saw me before I saw her and said that she had watched me for at least 5 minutes before coming over. When i saw her I was amazed (We decided not to swap face pics)She was GORGEOUS!!! She was a Latina that stands about 5'6 and is about 145 and thick in all the right places. She had on a black skirt with a pink tight op that hugged the hell out of her tits and YEP a pink flower in her hair. She greeted me with a hug and lightly ran her fingers over my ass. We talked and drank watermelon Martinis for about 45 minutes and then I had to pee. NO LIE, two women were having sex in the bathroom and i was so shocked that my urine just went back up. She told me that this happened all the time. I walked back out but to my surprise, after being completely disgusted with the fact that they weren't even in a stall i suddenly got hot and horny and she could tell. She invited me back to her place which would usually be a NO WAY in my book ( this women could have been NORMAN BATES) it had to have been my 5 martini buzz, because i quickly obliged. She only lived two blocks from the club and once we got to her place, i started to think that she had to a lot of money to live here. First of all, she lived in HIGH AS HELL center city and had the best loft that I have ever been in. Instead of showing me around when we got in, once the door was closed she untied my halter and revealed my breast. She immediately took one into her mouth and sucked like she had never sucked before, it felt so good that i was wet within seconds. I told her to slow down and let me undress her. she stopped and we both took ALL of our clothes off. I pushed her back on the couch and she spread eagle for me. She was complete shaved and her pussy was so pretty, i bypassed all other bodily parts and went straight in. I flicked her clit with my tongue and she shivered with delight. I swear i ate her pussy for at least 30 min and she came at least 4 times...........

I just started this blog, and don't really know if the people who are reading it like it at all, let me know and...Tell Me If You Want to Know More!!!

What is there to be Angry About!!!!!!

Sisters Lesbian Bar
Roses (pink ones)
Watermelon Martinis

suziegurl 35F

1/4/2006 3:33 pm

Well sounds like a fun night. Im glad for you will you see each other again?

rm_swoleclit 37F
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1/5/2006 2:25 pm

suziegirl: yes Defintely!!!

ArcticRomance 39M

1/8/2006 3:35 pm

Im enjoying everything so far ..pray continue my good lady.........

rm_lickinme4 34F
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4/19/2006 1:05 pm

Well i must state after reading this Im very open and wet!! But I have never been with a woman befor. Please tell me more if you dont mind...

rm_thicSweeChoc 46F

4/29/2006 9:42 am

Reading this definitely make me want to go to a lesbian bar, unfortunately there are none in the city i live in. Please continue on, I really enjoyed this.

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