The rant begins !  

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10/19/2005 6:44 pm

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The rant begins !

Have you ever been driven to the edge of insanity by the little things ? Sure , a small irritation might get blown off and forgotten ... but when you deal with the public on a daily basis , those little irritations add up to a world dominated by stupid people .

Today , I went in for a touch of fast food at a local chain . The line was rather long and the kid behind the counter was new and sporting a "in training" badge . Good way to break in the squid > lunch rush !! As the line grew out the door , a know it all manager stepped in to assist . Of course , I step up and Mr. Pro Fastfood Server threw his chest out like he was going to solve my daily crisis . He took my order ( and if course I wanted it "my way" ) and proceeded to brush me on down the line . I KNEW something was going to be missing ( and boy was I right ) . No pickles means NO PICKLES !! Not EXTRA pickles . I believe EVERYTHING was wrong ... he even put it on a tray instead of TO-GO like I ordered and like the receipt stated . When I returned to advise of the incorrect items , I was quickly brushed aside again . Now , I don't expect 5star service from a fast food chain , but for god's sake ... treat a person with a little respect ! 15 minutes later , I had the correct order but was out of lunch break time . Ah well ... better luck next time !

Now you may say " why not go elsewhere ?"

Well let me fill you in , people >> this planet is becoming more stupid by the minute . The cancer of idiocy is spreading like wildfire . It doesn't matte where you go > the treatment is all the same .

If you become a reader of this blog , you will be fed a spoonful of my life until you are stuffed with my angst towards stupidity .

Next issue : public schools > beginning stupidity early !

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