rm_sweetone244 56F
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6/27/2006 8:59 pm

Out in the early morning coolness, walking my dog, I turned the corner, and there he stood at my door. What a good surprise.

I leaned down, dropped the leash and said "go". My dog bounded to him as fast as his short little legs could go, his tail wagging. Yeah, he's come to really like him (It has nothing to do with the treats he gives him.) But he plays with him, talks to him and occasionally takes him on much needed walks. So they've bonded.

We sat on the couch ... my emotions in tact, able to hear, to process and halfway understand. And I know all is good-at least as good as can be at the moment. And I have come to realize, the heart isn't always enough to heal. Just have to give it time. And I have plenty of that to go along with my heart.

We kissed goodbye for the day, so different from yesterday. And I smiled.

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