good morning  

rm_sweetone244 56F
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6/6/2006 10:45 pm
good morning

I came home from work late tonight, walked in to my bedroom to change to see my unmade bed - something of a rarity for me. But I had good reason this morning.

I was sleeping lightly, around 5:30 am, when my dog gave a low woof. I heard the front door quietly creak as it was slowly opened. I rolled over to see the face of my favorite blue-eyed guy peering around the corner.

After bribing the dog out of the room with a treat, he dropped his clothes and slipped under the covers with me. Much smiling, kissing and love-making ensued. His tongue making me wet, his hands and fingers bringing me to orgasm before finally sinking himself into me, thrusting deeply and watching me as I came ... over and over.

As hard as it was to unwrap myself from around him and get out of bed, I did, and I made it to work on time - just not enough time to make the bed. Why worry about that when we'll just mess it up again.

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